Top 5 Best Sellers at K-Fashion!

Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack (150ml)
Why it's popular: It's name says it all, this mask is really a miracle! A god-sent product for everyone and anyone who is desperate for better skin. Visible results seen just after one use, no wonder it had managed to be the top seller in Korea for 2007-2008. Though not as well-known or widely publicized as major brands, this mask is indeed a hidden gem which you'd regret for not discovering. Get the sample bottle at $5 each and experience the miracle for yourself ;)
Price: $50

Etude House Collagen Mask
Why it's popular: This sheet mask from Etude House is packed with collagen goodness which doesn't dry up during the entire course of application. Use it on your neck when you're done with your face to avoid wastage!
Price: $3.50 each

Circle Lens (click to view the complete range of 100 over designs)
Why it's popular: With the promise of making the eyes appear bigger, these circle lens caught Asia by storm and is still the most sought after accessory by girls. Available in plano as well as prescription.
Price: Ranges from $39.90 to $74.90

Contact Lens Cleaning Machine
Why it's popular: Convenient and cleans contact lens effectively. No more careful handling and rubbing, just pop your lens in for a good wash!
Price: $24.90

Etude House Princess "Creative in France" Perfume (30ml)
Why it's popular: A light fruity frangrance with a hint of rose package in a pretty pink bottle, this perfume is loved for it non-overpowering and sweet scent. Price: $38.90