Property development

the Australian property market has over the last decade or so been strangled by beaurocratic red tape and high expences for the developer. The large developers have ways of getting around the excessive costs via ways that the small time developer has not access to.
As a small time developer I have had unrealisric demands by council and expences that i have not been able to cover without sending myself broke and that is not what I am intending to do.
My intenetion has been to build affordable housing that becomes a win, win, win, win situation for myself the developer, for the council to receive more rates, for the government to have more housing for people to live in and for the tennant who has a lovely new residence.
The question is, "will council pull their heads in and start encouraging small building developments rather than obstructing them?"
With the economy not heading in a positive direction these issues must be addressed and acted upon by government and councils IMMEDIATELY.
Council is to encourage those who have an entrepreneurial streak and smooth the way for them to help them to recussitate the economy.