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Dreaming with Rousseau
Hibiscus and tropical prints that come from the distant lands of the tropics.
Legendary French painters like Henri Rousseau and Gaugain moved to the remote lands of Polynesia to attempt to capture its unique vegetation and a palette full of mystery. Thus, hibiscus, the flower is typical of tropical and subtropical palms and lush forests reached our old Europe, captivating and inviting us to dream of idyllic places.

This season, fashion is trying to use the same resources on tunic dresses, colorful hard plastic bracelets mare and essential items, such as the wonderful beach towels for the proposed Hermès.

So how designers interpret this trend as a gateway? Frida Giannini Baptizes Exotica as a collection that serves as a flower power prints processed until cool shapes. Diane Von Furstenberg brings his touch reminiscent hippie seventies to its vapor lines, while Stella McCartney opts for swimwear garments in black and white. Carlos Miele adopts new long kaleidoscope prints using a personal image that blend of virgin forests with the turquoise of the South Seas.

Come to Hawaii, Tahiti and the Amazon forest by browsing our exquisite and summer fashion pages.

Virgin forests, exotic flowers and jungles to explore new proposals populate summer. Marni is identified with this style betting colorful hard plastic collars

Bring the tropical vegetation to the wrist with this bracelet Marni

Detail of the rear side of the bracelet ethnic floral implementation of Marni

Marni combines tropical bracelets with a dress that shows a geometric embossing a diamond

Marni us about the distant land of the flower power Polynesia reasons for adopting the asphalt

The French painter Henri Rousseau acknowledged find their inspiration in the lush plants from distant lands of the tropics

"Exotica" is the name Frida Giannini chose to capture the spirit of their new summer collection for Gucci

Gucci takes sexy bikinis in tropical prints color fluoride. Takes note with loop fastener

Gucci takes flowers coast of Hawaii as a point of inspiration for psychedelic prints that rely on the geometry

Bird's eye view of the island of Bora Bora (Polynesia). Painters such as Gauguin found his manner of speech, portraying the beauty of these islands and lush vegetation today applied to fashion

Not all proposals are colorful. Stella McCartney makes the tropical plants in a choice of black & white bathroom

Detail of one of the soft bags hand stamped with "jungle fever" by Stella McCartney

Like pareos? Here's our bet orange and red, Hermès

The hibiscus is the flower for antomasia the tropics and subtropics. Is present in most of the options that characterizes this fashion trend

Diane Von Furstenberg adds a touch of seventies hippie floral trend that emerges from the primeval forests

The palms of Hawaii travel bags in black and white of the proposal for Diane Von Furstenberg spring / summer 2009

The prints are trying to capture the tropical greenery and the mystery of the deep jungles of the Amazon

Alexander McQueen was inspired by the colorful birds flying over the treetops of the Amazon

Diane Von Furstenberg opted for green jungle animal along with a printed black and white

What are you going to bring a towel to the beach? We chose a fuchsia color and style jungle, Hermès
Carlos Miele takes the colors of the forest as a reference point in a vaporous dress one strap

Tropical-inspired dress with kimono reminiscences, V-neck and obi belts, Emilio Pucci