If you ask me what I am thinking about him, I could tell you more than few words. But, if you aks me, what I am thinking about his work, about his delicious photos, my answer will be just one word: Fabulous!

He has creativity, his Polaroids, adorable blog The Singular, and many, many marvelous shoots!

He is Antonio Barros.

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*In a period of digital information, people are flooded with countless images.

One unique polaroid picture. One single moment.

An attempt to be out of the ordinary.* - Antonio Barros

Ana: Tell me something about your beginning?

Antonio: I started to photograph professionally runway shows for brazilian newspapers and magazines in 2004. In january 2006 I moved to Paris and began to photograph for WireImage. I had the opportunity to see shows like Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Fendi, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and mostly all shows in Paris, New York, London and Milan. It was not easy but I was really lucky and my work started to be published in many magazines.

Ana: Who is your nonesuch?

Antonio: I'm a big fan of Mario Testino and Helmut Newton!

Ana: Have you ever wished to leave your profession?

Antonio: Yes. Many times! When clients don't pay, when money is short... but I always get over it.

Ana: What is the most important to photographers, except for high-quality camera?

Antonio: Creativity!

Ana: With whom you have had the best cooperation?

Antonio: I worked with many amazing make-up artists, hair stylists, models and wardrobe stylists. It is really difficult for me to say just one person.

Ana: In which your photo you are in love?

Antonio: Right now I'm in love with my Polaroids!

Ana: What is your Life philosophy?

Antonio: "Why not?!" If I have one opportunity to do something that I never did... or to go somewhere I never went... or to try... why not?!

Ana: Tell me something about your Inspirations?

Antonio: I walk a lot in the streets and always like to observe people and architecture. If I find a nice place I right down the address and keep it in mind until I get the right clothes/model/thema.

Ana: Which construction, building is the most beautiful at your photos? And, whose face is the most beautiful on your photos?

Antonio: The Louvre is for sure the prettiest building I have photographed. Tanya Dziahileva looks always gorgeous in my backstage pictures.

Ana: Average your threshold of tolerance, on the scale of 1 to 10?

Antonio: I'm very tolerant with people as long they don't abuse of me. I would pick number 5.

Ana: You would award yourselves the medal for ...?

Antonio: I would not award myself anything yet! I will evaluate my life and give me awards only when there is nothing left to do.

Ana: What invention would you most delight?

Antonio: Teletransportation!!!

Ana: Do you accept criticism? Did you able to destroy the image, if not highlights what you want?

Antonio: Sure I accept criticism but it has to be constructive and show me where I did wrong. If I'm not pleased with an image I did, I keep the image.. but don't use it.

Ana: Whom you appreciate that you learned something? And what was that?

Antonio: I'm grateful to all make-up artists, hair stylists, models, stylists and journalists I worked with! I learned something every time I have worked with someone!

Ana: To whose “Bravo” you care?

Antonio: The most important "Bravo" is always the one from the client!

Ana: Which scents the entire, challenge whole body react?

Antonio: I can't resist the smell of Pizza!!!

Ana: When you overacting?

Antonio: Driving at traffic jam's makes me go insane!

Ana: Do you prefer models whos flirt with the object~glass?

Antonio: It is always easier to work with models that come up with their own ideas and interact with the camera. But it is also very nice to work with shy models or new faces.

Ana: Did you kind always or kindness conditional kindness?

Antonio: I'm always kind to everybody.

Ana: Did you ever find ahead, in front of the objective? How you behave and how you feel in the front of the objective?

Antonio: I don't like so much to be photographed. I'm very shy in front of the camera and don't know what to do.

Ana: Is the objective“dangerous lover”?

Antonio: The camera for me is just like the scalpel for the surgeon, an instrument. Without knowledge the result will never be like planned.

Ana: Anyone who has at least one was in Serbia will tell you that Serbian women are the most beautiful women in the world. Whether it was enough (in the professional sense) that if you get a call, accept and visit Serbia?

Antonio: I have some Serbian friends and they are very kind and pretty! If I had the opportunity to travel to Serbia one day, I would go!

More photos by Antonio Barros you can see on his site.

Thank you, Antonio!