2010 world breaking point

A new year, a new decade has begun so its worthy of a new blog entry.
Life has been tiring and much has happened.
2009 has been a time when some have succeeded, some floundered and some have just about given up. I will post a short forcast for 2010.
2010 - A Breaking Point for Whole World?
Question:Is it possible that in 2010 that USA will be as badly off as Argentina was a decade ago?
Answer: Argentina's debts were not as bad as those of the USA, they were not fighting in foreign countries and depleting their treasury as the US, nor were they an empire.
The worst news is that when America crashes, no one around the world should be happy about it because this is going to affect the entire planet. It’s kind of like the collapse of the Roman Empire that was followed by a Dark Age in the economy. There is no one there to fill the vacuum. China is not going to emerge, as the Trends Journal see it, as a great power. They have 1.3 billion people and a million problems! In 2008, the last numbers that came out, China had 70,000 major riots and disturbances. What are they going to do when people are thrown out of work by the hundreds of millions because the world is not buying cheap Chinese imports which have been flooding the planet to date?
Be prepared, this is going to be a very de-stabilizing period worldwide.