More women millionaires

A new study, conducted by Tulip Financial Research in the U.K, has revealed that women’s incomes are thriving more than ever before, even through the GFC. The study found that the number of females earning the millionaire title has increased by a whopping 40 per cent over the past five years. A significant number of women are making more decisions about investments and the family income.
Men have traditionally invested in stocks, where great losses have been sustained through the GFC but women instead chosen to invest their money into the property market and businesses to make their cash.
Tulip’s John Clemens explained, "If you go back 15 years, 90 per cent of the decisions were made by men. Women are a little more risk averse, but they have invested in property which as been more resilient in the recession." Not only is it the women in high powered business profiles
that were gaining millionaire status, but also the stay-at-home women who are coming up with innovative and ground-breaking business ideas.
So find a niche market, promote it, make strategic alliances and "work smarter, not harder."