Women entrepreneurs and property

Not all property investors, whether they are women or men, will reap the rewards of the next phase of the property cycle because our rising interest rates and lowered affordability which won’t affect everyone equally. The staggering house price boom is dividing our cities into haves and have nots. Higher interest rates will mean that fewer builders will be building the apartments we need to accommodate all these tenants of the future and rents will keep skyrocketing upwards. The expanding population which is increasing by around 9,800 people each week and a shortage of supply, means that despite rising interest rates home owners and investors are feeling confident enough to buy a new home or their next investment. Investors should expect interest rates to keep rising a few more percentage points over the next few years, but they should be comforted by the fact that this will occur because property values will keep rising. So to win “the game” of property investment you have to budget for higher interest rates and own the right type of property. One that has a level of scarcity which means it will be in continuous strong demand by owner occupiers (to keep pushing up its value) and tenants (to help subsidise your mortgage); in the right location (one that has outperformed the long term averages) at the right time in the property cycle (that would be now in many states) and for the right price.