Advertisement Make your Winters Trend of 2011

There have been long we’ve been talking about the winter trends. New trends aren’t a surprise for us; the new fashion takes the establishment from the previous trends. We need to look forward for the cooler weather and get our wardrobes updates for all the winter trends.
Get your hands on all those high necked or button up shirts to wear with a pair of jeans to protect you from the cold and keep you trendy. Lace clothing is absolutely the best trend that has been adapted this summer and now is carried out to the winter trend list. Wear the thigh high socks which are a substitute for the long boots that are at the top of the trend list for the winters 2011.
For women and for men the trend’s list has the velvet clothing as a perfect trend. It will give your Fashion trend 2011 a royal look. To add to the trends for winter 2011 we have to mention the use of brooches. Even men can get those brooches for refinement and for the detailing of their dress. It is a perfect accessory for the winters to be worn as a trend of winter 2011.
After following the winter 2011 trend don’t forget to add the aviator look and not to forget the military look when it comes to being trendy and classy. Women should not forget the chunky accessories during the winter trend 2011 since it is one of the most important of the trends. A lady can never be completely dressed until she takes care of her accessories. Wear the chunky big layered rings; they look trendy and simply amazing. Sine the colors of the winter 2011 this time are black, brown, deep purple, plum, navy blue and grey with an addition of khaki and camel brown. We need to have the accessories to make our trends exciting.