Hot Print Saree/Sari Design

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We do know that print sari is such an universal drape that iot can suit every body type, but a little bit of thought and research when buying your saree can help you look gorgeous within seconds. Up your oomph quotient in a saree no matter what your vital stats are, here are few pointers that you can keep in mind when picking your sari.

Short women should pick up sarees that have thin borders and medium pallav. Wide, heavy borders tend to make you look shorter. Even when choosing a traditional saree look for thin border versions of the designs that you like.
Heavier women should pick up saris in fabrics that fall easily to create a contoured silhouette and have a flowing drape. Look for saris in crepe, chiffon, Mysore silk, pure silk, silk blends etc. Avoid overwhelming large prints as they can make you look larger than you are. Check out saris in latest geometrical prints. They add a lot of visual appeal and create a slim silhouette.