In Pakistan Stone Jewellery sets the Fashion Trend

The jewellery tradition in Pakistan is a combination of modern design and concept. The trend of wearing jewellery is not only limited to women but men also love to garb it. Stone jewellery has always been in as it communicates love, hate, power, hierarchy and marriage. This jewellery trend also determines the destiny of people.
Nowadays, the fashion trend of wearing stone jewellry is becoming very popular among women. Various astrologers and spiritual leaders encourage people to wear it as a symbol of protecting them from bad luck and evils. These gems and stone jewellery are also worn for fashion purposes.

The fashion trend of wearing stone jewellery is taken as a status of a person in the society and is counted as the wealth of women. The jewellery trend is easily worn with diamonds, emeralds and pearls and rich class love to wear it, however among poor class jewellery trend of silver and base metal is not good.
Therefore, in Pakistan you will find even an impoverished individual wearing at least ear studs that are or look like stone or gold. The stone jewellery is available every where and their price ranges from rupees 100 and above, Jinnah Super in Islamabad, Liberty and Anarkali in Lahore have variety of these trendy jewellery. Fashion trend of wearing the stone jewellery in wedding is more in, simply with to impress their friends and show their wealth.
The fashion trend of wearing stone jewellery has never declined, there was a time when Sub-continent was the principle production center for beads by 3000 B.C. sub-continent was the superior trade route because it was rich in mines and had large quantities of diamonds, rubies, pearls and gold.
Pakistan has come under variety of religious, social and political influences. And Pakistani stone jewellery is the true mirror of its past, reflecting the social and historical change. Silver jewellery with stone is fashionable now in cities as well. Every gold design is also copied in silver by the city shops.
The jewellers use different techniques to keep up the fashion trend. These designs and modes of techniques vary from region to region and the material used. The most popular technique is ‘Kundan,’ which was introduced by Mughals in 16th century. Pakistan is full of gold, silver and stone jewellery which is found in Northern areas. Now due to the increasing demand of Pakistan traditional jewellery, this industry is now a full-fledged large scale organized industry and making fashion trends everywhere, every moment.