Latest Velvet is this winter’s hottest trend!

Don’t you just love the lush and yummy feelings of velvet as it touches your skin in the chill cold of winter and makes you feel incredibly warm!
The winter is chilling on its peak and this is just your chance to shine and get cozy in the royal fabric called Velvet. Thanks to Pakistani Fashion Designers such as Deepak Parwani, Hassan Shehreyar Yasin, Maria B, who have introduced lustrously soft and dreamy shades of velvet in bridal and formal wears.
Velvet carries a soft touch and compliments curvy feminine figure with its twists and turns. It has a rich and royal aura. Whether it’s the classic elegance of romantic ruby red or the darker shades of midnight blue or black, velvet is always considered the ultimate option to enhance feminine lure.

Whether you want to dazzle in a friend’s wedding party or desire to be the shining star of casual evening, choose velvet to create the ultimate romantic yet royal persona, with its cozy and shimmery air.Tastefully embellished velvet kameezes can look fantabulously chic whist keeping warm. Pair a delicate silk sari with an embellished velvet blouse for a luxurious wedding look.
For casual wear, you can be an ultimate style diva with a velvet blazer or a perfect cocktail dress in bold shades of maroon, gold, black or blue. Velvet is going to be one of the season’s hottest trends. So let it pop you up with a lush and opulent feeling and rock your world with this exquisitely yummy fabric!