Ashmit Patel Dreams of Pakistan And Want to Meet Veena Malik

Ashmit Patel Dreams To Come In Pakistan

Isn't it wondrous that actors working in Pakistan looks forward to work in India & Indian actors are dreaming about coming to Pakistan, such actor is Ashmit Patel, who is planning to work in Pakistan to resurrect his slumping career graph.

Ashmit is much looking forward to do TV serials in Pakistan and they will certainly think about a nice film if they is offered!

While speaking about his designs, Ashmit revealed, "I will be going there as I see lots of scope in the Pakistani entertainment market. I am yet to pick where exactly I will be going and then will file a visa application. Karachi is where Meera stays and Lahore is Veena's hometown. Let me figure out what happens."

Are you serious to move away from Bollywood glamour industry to a small Pakistani tv industry! Is it entirely out of work or is it the desire to reunite with someone else!