CPC Women in Business Blog Post Contest: Winner for July is Naomi Tickle

Who Am I Who Are You
by Naomi R. Tickle
We all read faces from the moment we meet someone, we get a sense about who that person is. Over the years we subconsciously record these patterns and when we see someone’s face it triggers off a connection or memory we have noticed in the past. Face Pattern Recognition, which is the relationship between the facial structure and personality, provides us with a tool that helps us to better understand people we meet with.

Face Pattern Recognition has been well researched over the years. It is a more scientific approach that studies the relationship between the facial structure and personality. In other words the shape of the face is the template to our inner blue print, which indicates our innate strengths and challenges. Many of these features or abilities can be seen at the time of birth, such as writing, music, design, detail, perfectionist, controller, the historian and many others. By time the child has reached puberty the traits are for most part fully formed. The environment can have a negative or positive impact. It doesn’t change the trait.

As we go through life we are exposed to many different situations. We also experience non-supportive remarks such as – you’ll never be any good at that or what do you want to do that for. And in many cases the child can be so criticized by well-meaning parents that it can put their lives on hold. They are never good enough. The face provides a map or reference point that reminds us about who we really are. It also explains the personality challenges we have and gives us a "heads up" on how our style of communication may be effecting others. The more we are aware of how we come across to our friends, family, coworkers and clients the better the relationship.

For example – Tolerance is determined by the width of the eye compared to the space between the eyes. An individual with close set eyes will sometimes over react to situations until they are bigger than life. Where an individual with wide set eyes is more laid back and will see their partner, fellow coworker or even client, over respond to situations which leaves the wide set eye person puzzled by such behavior. To be accurate one has to know how to measure the trait.

A man sent in a set of his photos for a career assessment. It was immediately noticed that he had the critical trait. The outer corners of his eyes were lower than the inner corner. This he inherited from his parents. He was asked what it was like to grow up in that environment. He didn’t want to go there, it had been so painful. Noticing his gift for music, rounded outer edge of the ear, it was suggested he take up a musical instrument. Apparently he had attended the Los Angeles School of music and got so criticized that he dropped out. It opened up the old wounds. He was encouraged to take up his music again, which he did and joined a group of musicians. All it took was a set of photographs and three emails to help him reconnect with his passion again.

Face Pattern Recognition provides a tool that helps us to better understand the people we meet with and to reconnect with who we are. No other system offers such immediate access as to What Makes People Tick and Why. It takes out the guess work and provides an awareness of why people are the way they are. Choice always supercedes structure.  Knowing more about the people we work with helps to improve communications and build customer relations.

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Creator & Administrator of CPC Women in Business

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About: Naomi Tickle is CPC Women in Business winner of the Blog Post Contest for the month of July, 2011. Naomi Tickle is an International speaker, career consultant and author of What Makes People Tick and Why. You can contact her at her website!

Latest Hot Jeans Fashion Trend In 2011

New Hot Jeans Fashion

All men and females are blessed to have an number of fashion clothing to select a ideal for themselves as well as their favorite.

You can now choose A dress or outfit according to any occasion in which you are going .

 You can choose a comfortable wear as well as stylish wear while going out at any party or even while going to your office or work.The most comfortable wear dress as well as casual or formal wear outfit for both men and women is jeans.

You can select a comfortable wear as well as stylish wear while going out at any party or even while going to your office or work.The most comfortable wear dress as well as casual or formal wear outfit for both men & females is denims.

A Denims is most comfortable to wear at any time any season & at any where.Jeans is most stylish these days specially in young girls & young boys.

All love to have an jeans as their most favorite dress at any occasion.The fashion of jeans is very old but still getting popular day by day and getting most stylish every day life.

Jeans comes in various colors  in which most popular is blue jeans,black jeans and white jeans.

You may even pick denims according to your figure shape & size.With Denims you can go with Stylish T shirt with denims or casual shirt with denims as well.Here are some stylish denims ,Jeans for men,jeans for females, stylish females denims.

2011 Latest Chinese Hairstyles Trend For Women

Latest Chinese Hairstyles

If you are heading to the east of the globe, then you can think about the various aspects of culture that have helped to define those in the region.

The Chinese hairstyles that are currently growing in this area are leading to styles of sophistication, individuality & modern trends for those in this region.

For both men & females, this is leading in to specific looks that are generating new fashion for the globe & the different aspects that are an element of this.

Chinese Hairstyles

The current trends that are defining Chinese hairstyles include a combination of individual style and sophistication for the main looks.

For females, updos and longer hair that are straight are forming the current trends. Having long bangs in the front and to side is and a popular look for those in the area.

For men, the popular style includes longer looks with straighter hair. Razor cuts & layers are being defined for men Chinese hairstyles as of the current looks.

Men are also looking for slight spikes, longer cuts & longer back areas. Having a more natural look is the defining factor for men in this area to generate the current trends that are in this area.

A Nook of Simple Quotes: Respect your efforts, respect yourself!

A Nook of Simple Quotes!

Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power. ~ Clint Eastwood

Through the years I have admired Mr. Clint Eastwood as a great actor and a movie producer and director. He is often called a great "story teller" by people who work with him and I agree. I love all of his work! I just thought that I will share this quote by him with you. I agree that "respect" is very important to achievement. I believe that if you respect the "efforts" that you make to achieve a goal and you "respect" yourself, you will become disciplined so that you can achieve what ever you desire - - You can become unstoppable!!!

What are your thoughts? It would be great to share.

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved.

Women in Business Writing Contest - - Unexpected Transformation: The Dynamic of Limitless Opportunities a Web Site Brings

By Laura Putman

When I read the subject line for this contest, my mind drifted back to the time when a storefront and a telephone number were all a business owner had. That was their only access to current and potential customers. Gaining business was limited to whoever would walk through their doors or call them. They could only offer their goods and services to the area that they were located in.

I remember when I was young, if we needed to locate a service of any sort my mom would make lots of phone calls, set up appointments for a face to face visit with all of them to make an informed choice. She could only hope she chose the best service for her needs. If we wanted to make a purchase, we had to get into our car, drive to a business sometimes through extreme weather conditions, adding to the environmental burden. So many variables had to be taken into consideration, getting a babysitter or bringing the entire family, etc., creating an inconvenient situation not just for my parents, but for the entire family. And when a return had to be made, we had to gather the merchandise and get everyone out to the car and trudge back to the store, stand in line and wait making the process exhausting and time consuming. Websites have unquestionably changed all of that.

In 1993, Tim Berners-Lee changed the face of business by offering the World Wide Web as a free gateway to anyone who wanted to use it. Today, by having a website, business owners not only have the entire world available to offer their goods to, they can create a welcoming, easy and friendly way to help current and potential customers in a variety of ways. Their website can display current and new services all of the time, merchandise offerings, endorsements, etc. Most importantly, websites provide stress-free access to purchase and return anything from the comfort of wherever a customer happens to be.

Familiarity, a level of trust and loyalty between the business owner, their staff and a customer used to be dependent upon face to face contact. A great deal of expense was invested by a business owner in magazine or newspaper ads and television time, if they could afford it, to gain visibility for their business. Now, business owners can combine their efforts by purchasing a website and utilize the beauty, personalization, colors and design created for just for them as an electronic storefront. Doors are open 24/7 and it’s a place that welcomes people in to peruse at their leisure. They can get to know the business owner and what is being offered without the pressure and limitations that only being in a physical location brings. A business owner can use their website to offer anything from free gifts to useable resources to anyone interested, and change them whenever they choose to keep their business fresh and interesting.

A website is an ideal way to connect personally with current and potential clients for several reasons. The first being they get to know who you are, what your background is, whether you’re reliable, stable and if you’re trustworthy. It is a perfect way to find out if you are an ideal match for them because websites by the design and content create a perfect way to draw only the right customers to you, an awesome concept. Rather than doing business the way it was with just anyone and everyone, both the client and business owner have a chance through a well-designed website to create a connection that can lead to a long-term relationship, without ever having to meet in person.

Finally, for people such as myself, by having our own website we can create a home-based business to give many of us the opportunity to live the life of our dreams. We can easily offer services or products, helpful information and personal testimonials, etc., just as larger businesses do. Websites have forever changed people’s lives and the way business is done.

Laura Putman is the winner of the Writing Contest by Women in Business conducted between July 8, 2011 and August 8, 2011. Participants were expected to enter an article about: The Importance of Website to Small Businesses. Laura's was declared the Winner. The prize to be won is a 5 Page Website provided by Dr. Cheryl Cottle through Cottle's Professional Consulting. 

Laura Putman is the CEO of You're the Best. You can find her at:http://www.yourethebest-us.com or through her e-mail at: laura@yourethebest-us.com

© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle and Cottle's Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved!


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RTE Magic Insa Heels Design Picture

If you don't mind purchasing used designer apparel and shoes, then you can go to thrift stores. Thrift stores and boutiques have great collections of used fashion items and designer accessories. And they over well-known fashion brands.

The great thing about thrift stores is that they offer items for cheap. You might get discouraged since they sell used clothes, shoes, and other products, but some of these are in good condition. Some clothes and shoes have only been used once or twice by their previous owners.

Hot Shoes Trend

But keep in mind that not all the products you will find are in great condition & not all are designer brands. You need to keep your eyes peeled for affordable designer finds

Shopaholics will certainly know all about discount sales in malls, department stores, and boutiques. In a year, stores usually have or more sales: for each season, and perhaps in the work of holidays, such as Christmas or Easter.

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There are lots of retail stores that have sites, such as Payless Shoes. But there's also shoe stores that only operate online. These online shoe stores often hold sales and promos.
There are clubs online that are made up of members with the same interests. You can find shoe clubs online, such as Hello Stiletto, which is a free social club for men & ladies who love shoes.