About Dr. Cheryl Cottle

About Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Dr. Cottle is the Chief Consultant of Cottle’s Professional Consulting

Dr. Cottle is a graduate of The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, and an alumnus of the University of the West Indies and the New York Institute of Technology.

Dr. Cottle is an educator, researcher, instructional technologist, systems analyst, IT specialist, curriculum developer, website developer and an entrepreneur trainer, to name a few of her areas of expertise. She has been conducting educational seminars and workshop for over seven years, and has designed and facilitated projects such as; The Adoption of Computer Technology, Education, Computer Technology, and Entrepreneurship, The Implementation of Computer Technology in the Workplace, Women and Technology, and the Integration of Computer Technology in the Curriculum.

Professionally, Dr. Cottle has been an educator for more than twenty-five years, and has taught in the Trinidad and Tobago, the United States and Canada. During her extensive career in education she has designed curriculum in many disciplines across the curriculum, including English Language, English Literature, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. She has also designed curriculum to facilitate interracial and intercultural understanding, multiculturalism, afro-centricism and computer-mediated distributed learning environment.

Dr. Cottle holds a doctorate degree in Education. Her doctoral dissertation is titled "A Case Study of Three Organizations' Plans to Facilitate the Adoption, Diffusion, and Infusion of Computer Technology in the Workplace." Continue! Dr. Cottle also holds a Masters of Science degree in Instructional Technology, specializing in Instructional Systems Design, Instructional Technology and Computer Technology. She also has a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature and Caribbean and African Studies.

While Dr. Cottle expertise spans a broad spectrum of disciplines including, education, information technology, professional development, business development, organization development, her doctoral research focuses upon organizational strategies to facilitate the implementation of computer technology. The over arching theories in her study is the utilization of a socio technical, user-centered, and proactive approach to design plan for greater success of the implementation of computer technology. It is a people-centered, inclusive approach that is facilitated by a participatory approach to decision making, collaborative decision making, collaborative knowledge building, the utilization of a management style that is democratic in its design and practices, and an organization structure that is flattened at the point of decision making. The organization’s culture, national culture, and education and training also inform this research. Dr. Cottle advocates that for the successful implementation of computer technology, the Adoption, Diffusion and Infusion (ADI) approach to implementation, together with the use of a Socio-Interactive Model (SIM) should be adopted.

As an extention of Cottle’s Professional Consulting, Dr. Cottle has further developed her business development portfolio and added a woman-focused initiative to support the growth and development of women entrepreneurship. She has therefore created and manages two online communities for women entrepreneurs: Women in Business and CPC Women in Business. The first is located on Facebook and the other is on the NING platform. Women from across business sectors and industries are encouraged to join and particpate in a collaborative supported environment where there is great opportunities for networking, educating, empowering and developing themselves to be successful in their entrepreneurial venture. Interested in any of her services please visit her website.