Article Review: 11 Momentous Female Firsts in Academia

Women Soar!
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I just thought that I will share this information with you. The accomplishments of other women serve to motivate and inspire those who are striving towards turning their dreams into vision of reality.

The article looks at women who have been successful in the academe drawing from women throughout history     from earliest times to modern times. The article looks at the success and accomplishments of Elena Cornaro Piscopia who gained her doctorate degree in June 1678. It also provides us with the accomplishment of 10 other women who serves as beacon of inspiration to other women.  

The author also writes about the accomplishments of Lillian Lincoln Lambert. The author writes:
A veritable Renaissance woman, Lillian Lincoln Lambert earns multiple accolades as an entrepreneur (most notably as the founder of building services provider Centennial One), author and popular public speaker, but her legacy extends well beyond that. In 1969, she earned the distinction of being the first African-American female to graduate from Harvard Business School with an MBA. Along with four other students (Theodore Lewis, George Robert Price, A. Leroy Willis and Clifford E. Darden), Lambert established the HBS African-American Student Union with the hopes of providing scholarships, improved federal aid and career training and opportunities for participants.

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