Article Review: 4 Skills that Give Women a Sustainable Advantage Over Men

The article point out that:

Beth E. Mooney, CEO of KeyCorp, just became the first ever woman chief of a top 20 US Bank. In fact, nearly 52% of managerial or professional positions are now held by women, according to a Catalyst, July, 2011 report. More women are obtaining MBAs than ever before in history. Yet, although major strides have been made by women in every industry there are only 28 female CEOs in the Fortune 1000 companies according to the Catalyst, August 2011 report.

The author also examines the four skills that women have that give them a sustainable advantage over men.  They are:
  • Women are Opportunity Experts 

  • Women are Networking Professionals

  • Women Seek to be Relationship Specialists

  • Women are Natural Givers

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Do you agree that having these skills indeed gives women an advantage in the workplace and in the development of our business? Or are we still faced with many barriers from either getting in and or when we are in, still find it difficult to negotiate our expert skills to gain mobility? 
Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Chief Executive Officer of Cottle's Professional Consulting and Creative Entrepreneur of CPC Women in Business