Best Brown Hair Color Trend For Woman In 2011

Brown Hair Color Trends For 2011

Highlighting-If you require to look like all of your friends who have natural blonde streaks through their hair, you might try getting Foil Highlights. A Stylist or Colorist can give you glowing highlights by putting different shades of color or bleaching agents on pieces of your hair that has been sliced through with a fine tooth comb. Then the pieces are folded up in foil to keep the color or bleach off the remainder of your hair. When the hair in the foil is completed processing the foils are removed and your hair is rinsed and shampooed. After the process, a lovely quality color-friendly conditioner is used to protect and strengthen the hair. The conditioning is a important part of this coloring application, since the hair has been stressed to the max. Be definite to make use of salon Color-treated hair products to make definite that your highlights won't fade.

Brown hair color trends

Low lighting Is an application using a darker color on pieces of hair that has been sliced through with a fine tooth comb & folded in foil. Lowlights are lovely for hair that has been highlighted with blonde plenty of times. Adding some dark blonde, light brown or even dark brown can revive worn looking highlights. Sometimes it is done under silver hair to enhance the beauty of silver-gray hair. As with any color service, after getting low-lights ought to always use salon products formulated for color-treated hair.

Dark Underscore  This is the name given to the process of coloring the back, lower part of your hair with a darker color. Usually completed on the area below the occipital bone, it can make highlights more dramatic as long as you stay within the color hue that you already have. Dark brown is always better than black unless of work have black hair to start with.

Chunking This is highlighting hair with thick chunks of hair that radiate down from the part of the hair. Sometimes low-lights of dark color are put underneath the lighter chunks to enhance them even more. This type of highlighting is even more susceptible to damage than regular highlights so be definite to make use of salon color-treated products on it.
Single Streak of Color Some individuals who enjoy being more flamboyant in life, like to adorn their hairstyle with a single streak of color. Whether you have short or long hair, a single piece of hair is selected (usually near the part) then it is bleached to a light blond. Then a permanent color or semi-permanent color is applied. There's lots of different semi-permanent colors to choose from. Lots of footy fans like to put their team colors on their streaks. Semi-permanent colors do wash out finally & must be freshen up. The best thing about a single streak is, the color can be corrected & changed back to the natural way it was before without much damage to the hair.