Best Top Ten Tips For Girls to Pretty Their Feet

Henna On Arm Hand And Feet

Feet are an integral part of dancing. They keep us balanced, help us stay upright in relevé, and prevent us from tripping while doing our ¾ shimmies. In return, they ought to take nice are of them to be sure they'll keep us dancing. Here are0 ways to keep your feet looking attractive and performance-perfect.

1. Exfoliate regularly. A pumice stone will be in case you have a tiny rough skin, but in case you have calluses, or hard, dry, skin, look for a lovely foot scrub.

2. Moisturize. Put lotion on your feet at least once a day, and after you exfoliate. Lotions with shea butter
or cocoa butter are rich moisturizers that will make your feet baby-soft sooner, but beware of using them before performances or before you put on your shoes. They can make your feet greasy and you might hurt yourself by not giving your feet enough traction in shoes or on the floor.

3. Put on socks after a shower. Socks will help you retain some of the moisture from your shower. For an added benefit, put lotion on your feet before putting on socks and you’ll wake up to soft feet.

4. Receive a pedicure regularly. Whether you do it yourself or have a professional do it, treat your feet every one time in while, even if it's some nail polish.

5. Buy a pedicure kit. This will help you in case you select to do your own pedicures, but also comes in handy in case you have your pedicures done at a nail salon. You will always know that your tools are only used on your feet & that they are properly sterilized, stopping infections.

6. Wear dance shoes. Full dance shoes, or even partially-soled dance shoes, will protect your feet from stray coins, beads, or anything else on the dance floor. The last thing you need to do is execute a stunning turn and come out of it with a glass bead embedded in your foot!

7. Take it simple on the high heels. Heels are fine in moderation, but in case you wear them often, they may cause issues together with your toes, foot bones, & ankles that will affect your dancing. Try not to do lots of jogging or dancing in high heels, & bring a pair of ballet slipper with you to alter in to.

8. Get shoes that fit. Don't let vanity affect the shoes you wear. Make definite you get the right size, & don't try to squeeze your feet in to shoes that don't fit right. You'll finish up, at the least, with painful blisters.

9. Have henna completed on your feet. Henna is an cheap, painless, & less permanent way to have art on your feet. It can accentuate your feet for a performance, or make you proud to show off your feet every day.

10. Accessorize your feet. Whether it's for walking errands or for a performance, find some simple ankle bracelets & toe rings to add a small sparkle to your feet.