Book Review: Anna's Journey written by Anna Renault

Written by Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I read Anna Renault’s book entitled Anna’s Journey a couple days ago and I enjoyed reading her book. I felt honoured that Anna invited me to get a glimpse into her life ― to see the many challenges that she has encountered and to be privileged to see the strategies that she used to deal with them in spite of how painful they were. Writing this review was a tad bit challenging as I struggled with how to invite others to share in her experiences. Some of her struggles were normal everyday struggles while others were uniquely Anna’s and a bit difficult to identify with.

According to Anna Renault, life is balanced. For every up, there is usually a down. She also states that life is about "opposites" ― "it balances one’s life." Anna also points out that there are in and out, good and bad, light and dark, easy and difficult, sweet and sour, soft and hard, fat and thin, right and wrong and sick and well. In her book, Anna Renault situates her illnesses amidst other occurrences in her life. Her birth, marriage, motherhood, work, friendship, and community involvement all play a role in her life and she talks about them also, not just about her many bouts of illnesses and mishaps.

Essentially Anna’s Journey is about Anna Renaulat’s life. It’s a real story and not fictional. All the scenarios presented are real including the many mishaps or accidents she had ― the storm, lightening and the fire are real nature’s disasters that she has lived through. The setting is also a real place. Yes you can find the setting in which the story is nestled in a google search. The characters or people in her journey including her medical team are real. Her friends and angels are also real people. Nothing about Anna’s Journey is a work of fiction. It is simply about Anna Renault’s journey ― her life thus far presented to us in this beautiful piece of literary work. Anna’s Journey is autographic in its style. It’s her life couched amidst mishaps in her childhood and sicknesses she experienced in her adulthood sprinkled with other occurrences and life experiences, some good and some bad.

Anna’s Journey is not just about sicknesses and overcoming them, but it is also about relationships ― mother-daughter relationship and grand-mother-grand-daughter relationship. We also get a glimpse of her relationship with her mother, sister and other women with whom she had a friendship and those with whom she networked. It’s also a story about family, marriage, divorce, domestic violence, financial security and much more. Essentially it’s about life. It’s about the everyday challenges that one has to live with throughout one’s life time. Some are good and some are bad. It’s also about appreciation, caring, sharing, support, love and gratitude.

Courage, strength, faith, spirituality, resilience and resourcefulness are the focus of Anna’s Journey. Anna Renault's story is easy to digest as you learn about her experiences. Although Anna talks about her illnesses and her many mishaps, her delivery of her story is palatable. It allows you to share in her experience without really feeling consumed by it, yet you get to know some of what she felt.

Anna’s Journey is a personal story that deals with life challenges and how one woman respond each time she is confronted by an adversity. Anna’s Journey of bad luck and facing disasters ― facing one crisis after another― facing sickness, dealing with loss and other adversities is a true story designed to motivate and inspire you should you encounter similar challenges in your life. How one woman endures these and still continues to thrive gives you a lot to be grateful for and should you encounter such adversities, the lessons learnt from Anna’s story can enable you to rise above it all.

Thanks Anna for sharing your experience, your private thoughts, your memories, and your life of struggles, challenge, endurance and achievement. Your readers should be better for sharing in your life. They should have learnt useful strategies and techniques to deal with life should they face adversities that seem beyond their ability to overcome.

Men and women, the young and the mature would benefit from reading Anna’s Journey. It’s a book simply about life. To get a copy of Anna’s Journey please contact Anna Renault at her website at:!

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