CPC Women in Business Coaching Program

Hello, I am Dr. Cheryl Cottle your business success coach and founder of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. Women in Business is a consulting initiative established under Cottle’s Professional Consulting for women who need encouragement, motivation and inspiration to pursue their professional and business goals.

Often, we have visions or even dreams, but have problems defining them and working towards a progressive plan to achieve them. Actually, we often have problems in turning our Visions into a Reality. With my coaching, you will be able to move forward in a positive way towards achieving your vision and making your dreams a reality. I want to welcome you to our CPC Women in Business Coaching Program. Here you can learn more about the power of coaching and how it can help you. You can also schedule your planned coaching sessions or schedule a one hour consultation to discuss a specific question you may have.

CPC Women in Business Coaching can help you gain clarity in starting and growing your business. You can also gain knowledge and skills to help you accelerate the process. Our tried techniques and strategies would help you to focus on what’s important and help you to prioritize. Dr. Cheryl Cottle is looking forward to getting to know you and providing you with the support you need to create a successful business and achieve success in all your endeavours.

Coaching is a very powerful tool that transforms and empowers. It helps you to reshape and transform your life from where you are, with dissatisfaction, to where you want to go, with hope and purpose. Dr. Cottle brings to this position her many years as a teacher, community volunteer, parent and grand-parent. In addition, she also has extensive knowledge and experience in education, psychology and spirituality. Overall, she has many years of life experiences which she integrates into her coaching techniques to achieve the best results.

Connect with Dr. Cheryl Cottle and gain valuable skills, techniques and strategies to develop and empower YOU! To SOAR and achieve Brilliance contact Dr. Cottle!


  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Professional business women and men
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Other coaches
  • Authors/writers and speakers
  • Online retail business owners
  • Local business owners (store fronts)
  • Academic students
  • University students
  • People who are transitioning to other professional fields
  • People who need change overall


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you ready to take the time to make changes in your life...and take action?
  • Are you ready to invest in yourself? 
  • Do you feel you are worth the extra money invested in coaching?
  • Can you commit to weekly appointments and complete your agreed-upon actions?
  • Are you willing to change self-defeating behaviours?
  • Are you ready to take risks?
  • Are you willing to be honest with yourself and tell the truth?
  • Do you feel stuck? Do you feel out-of-balance? Are you bored with life?
  • Do you want more fun and passion in your life?
  • Do you want your life to me more meaningful and purposeful?
  • Are you in work/life transition?
  • Do you want to do what you have always dreamed about
  • Do you want to live a life with a more authentic YOU!

If you answer YES to most of these questions, you are ready for a coach and ready to be coached!

Dr. Cheryl Cottle will work with you from the comfort of your home or business office. You will get the motivation, support and resources you would need to transform and be empowered!

Dr. Cheryl Cottle has developed CPC Women in Business Coaching as an effective strategy to encourage, motivate and empower women to define their goals. Through her coaching sessions, you will also identify a pathway to achieving your goals together with dedicated performances to achieve each step.

CPC Women in Business Coaching is available to help you create the successful business you desire or help you make the transition necessary to achieve your new life. Dr. Cottle’s unique heart-centered and individually-focused approach to coaching is designed especially for women who are serious about making the transformation from being a dreamer of a business concept to the owner of a real-business.

The coaching process used by Dr. Cottle to help you gain clarity and have results includes:

  • Use questioning to identify what you want, where you want to go, what is holding you back and what you have to do to go forward. Essentially they will help you to gain clarity and direction
  • Identify goals you would like to accomplish
  • Identify and prioritize tasks to support your goals
  • Identify your strengths that will guide you
  • Identify your weaknesses that are holding you back and identifying workable solutions to eliminate them
  • Establish accountability measures that will keep you focused and performance-oriented
  • Provide you with positive feedback to keep you motivated
  • Provide you with support and resources to help you achieve your goals
  • Acknowledging your accomplishments


Our coaching will enable you to:

  • Unleash your passion for what you love and want
  •  Identify what your strengths are
  • Help you to loose your fear and stop procrastinating and forge forward with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Help you to reshape your destiny
  • Transform and empower you
  • Design a new course of action to achieve your goals
  • To say “yes” and do it!
  • To be accountable for your new life plan

CPC Women in Business Coaching is offered through telephone, e-mail and SKYPE.

To set an appointment and for more information on cost and length of session, inbox me on FaceBook or write me in my e-mail at: ccottle@hotmail.com

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting. Dr. Cottle is responsible for managing its four portfolios including education, organizational development, professional development and business development. Dr. Cottle is also the creative entrepreneur behind CPC Women in Business an online community of women entrepreneurs.

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