CPC Women in Business Profile — Jasenka Sabanovic

CPC Women in Business is pleased to showcase Jasenka Sabanovic for our August business profile. Ms. Jasenka Sababovic is a Transformational Coach for over seven years and is the proud owner of Coaching To Vision for the past five years. Ms. Sabanovic is also a graduate of UC Berkeley and hold a degree in Economics and Business. She also has a coaching certificate specializing in Life and Business.

The goals and objectives of Coaching To Vision are to serve anybody who is ready to really find their passion. According to Jasenka, "we support people to look deep inside, find and overcome their obstacles to get to the place of inner peace." She adds that " I support my clients to find inner peace, so they can start on their own realizing their potential." Jasenka also believes that, what you believe, you become – and that our thoughts create our life. Jasenka's objectives is to support her clients to find inner peace, so they can start on their own to realize their potential.

Ms. Sabanovic draws upon her life experience with adversities and the philosophy that guides her life.  She draws upon her personal experiences and stories to help her clients build more focused and purposeful lives. Jasenka is very passionate about what she does and finds joy in seeing a client transform and embark on a new beginning. She notes, "I wake up every morning with a goal of creating peace, one person at a time." She brings to her coaching practice, her philosophy on love, kindness and peace. These three attributes transcend every thing she does including her interaction with others.

Similar to other women who entered the field of entrepreneurship, Jasenka worked for a private company but her desire to serve and affect positive changes in a person's life was so overwhelming, she left and started Coaching To Vision. Women owned businesses are often fraught with many challenges, and Jasenka's business was no exception. She too had to face many challenges as she moved her business from start-up to the growth phase. Jasenka pointed out that " When I first started in this area it was very difficult, since most people were completely unaware of what is life coaching. I spent lots of time explaining the purpose of my job. Then I had to convince them that they should hire  me; take me seriously."

Age was also an issue, many of the people she met also found her to be too young to coach them. She noted that "I was only 30 years old, and they had doubts in terms of me being able to teach about life. So while finding clients was a challenge for Jasenka at the start-up phase of her business, unlike other women now getting into a business venture who experiences financial problems, Jasenka had none. She relied upon her savings. She noted that the start up was not too much and I utilized business cards, website and networking events to get her business out to clients.

The strategies that Jasenka believes were instrumental in developing her business Coaching To Vision was networking. Ms. Sabanovic believes that an entrepreneur should "connect, connect and connect." She believes that an entrepreneur should make connection within the industry and the community where he or she lives. Jasenka points out that she attended networking events and chamber of commerce events and also noted that she was very active in her community by being involved in charities. She confirms the importance of being actively involved in community charities when she points out "I got on various charity committees, moved up to a board positions, and my goal was first to connect, then contribute, then business. People were very receptive to my sincerity and started welcoming my skills."

Computer technology has played a "huge" role in the development of her business. Ms. Sabanovic uses a variety of technologies including social media and e-mail. Jasenka points out that she uses Face book to promote her events and workshops but uses Skype to reach her clients across the globe including Argentina, East Coast and Germany. In addition, she relies heavily upon e-mail and the telephone.

Ms. Jasenka Sabanovic also shares some profound lessons that she has learnt along the way to other businesswomen or a women now venturing into the area of entrepreneurship. This is what she had to share:
  • Women need to support each other more

  • We need to learn balance, and say no

  • We need to understand the history of our power development and what to do with it

  • We need to love ourselves more

  • We need to use our natural tendencies like connection and tenderness to run the business

As businesswomen, we all have a future goal, and Jasenka is no different. In the next 5 to 10 years she would like to be a global traveler and a positive influence in the lives of people. She notes " I hope to travel around the world influencing millions of people."

Contact Information:
  • Name of Owner: Jasenka Sabanovic

  • Name of Business: Coaching To Vision

  • Address: PO box 5143 La Quinta, CA 92248

  • Email address: jasenka@coachingtovision.com

  • Website address: http://www.coachingtovision.com 

Was first published on CPC Women in Business on August, 1, 2011

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