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If you don't mind purchasing used designer apparel and shoes, then you can go to thrift stores. Thrift stores and boutiques have great collections of used fashion items and designer accessories. And they over well-known fashion brands.

The great thing about thrift stores is that they offer items for cheap. You might get discouraged since they sell used clothes, shoes, and other products, but some of these are in good condition. Some clothes and shoes have only been used once or twice by their previous owners.

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But keep in mind that not all the products you will find are in great condition & not all are designer brands. You need to keep your eyes peeled for affordable designer finds

Shopaholics will certainly know all about discount sales in malls, department stores, and boutiques. In a year, stores usually have or more sales: for each season, and perhaps in the work of holidays, such as Christmas or Easter.

You can get great deals in the event you take advantage of semiannual sales. Those red stiletto heels that you have been eying could be offered at a lower cost or you could get freebies for purchasing a sure product.

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There are lots of retail stores that have sites, such as Payless Shoes. But there's also shoe stores that only operate online. These online shoe stores often hold sales and promos.
There are clubs online that are made up of members with the same interests. You can find shoe clubs online, such as Hello Stiletto, which is a free social club for men & ladies who love shoes.