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In the past jewelry design was greatly delayed by difficult communication between the customer, the salesperson & the jeweler. The only other option for executing a jewelry design was looking through a stock jewelry design cataloger.
Often the customer had a vision or idea which was not realized in the done piece of jewelry. Above you can see a per-production jewelry design, after setting the diamonds the prongs will barely be visible.

With the aid of computer aided design (cad) jewelry design has taken a wonderful new direction. With RP Wax jewelry stores and jewelry customers can actually see their idea before the creation stage.

Beautiful Fashion Jewelry

Other important benefits to cad jewelry design is accuracy & affordability. Your jewelry design can now be manufactured with fabulous symmetry because the wax model is created using our in house quick prototyping (rp) machines.

Historically platinum jewelry design was reserved for limited pieces that were handmade by a specialized group of platinumsmiths. With todays high cost of platinum and the extreme demand in the promote it makes sense to make the jewelry design right the first time.
You can supply RP Wax along with your own complete cad file, a scale jewelry design drawing showing views or even a rough sketch on a napkin. They have the expertise and machinery to deliver the completed jewelry.
To accomplish affordable and correct tone jewelry designs the jewelry is often plated with gold or rhodium. This treatment may give the jewelry the correct look but inevitably the plating will wear off. Generating your jewelry design at RP Wax tiny parts can now be made with excellent accuracy and later assembled with an correct fit.

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