Hoorain Collection at Bridal Couture Week Fashion Show Pictures

Maidens Of Paradise Bridle

During the see this Jesus think of the maidens of paradise down on the earth.
in this week Pakistan's famous celebrities display Hoorein / Maidens bridle
collection 2011.

The most fabulous thing about the collection was its exquisite
embellishment done on yummy spectrum of exotic colors, which reflected
ethereal beauty on its peak. The most important in this show that the audience
so appreciate it and to like this collection they take decision that also go to the
market and will buy this collection. The Main dream of Glamour Hunt World
that they introduce always new collection everyday.



Každý má svou závislost. Já kdybych mohla, rvala bych si sladkosti přímo do žíly.
Everyone has got their own addiction. If it were possible, I would have pumped candies directly into my vein. 


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Social Media: Impact on How We Learn, Relate and Interact

By Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Social media has revolutionized how we communicate and has had a great impact on globalization and changed the way business is done with great implications to women in business in particular. It has also impacted how we learn, relate and interact with each other. It has changed our perceptions of each other. Essentially, social media has had a great impact on education. It has opened us up to global learning ― transcending nations and cultures. Women-owned businesses are now becoming the focus of discussion throughout the world. Leaders in collaboration with community-based organizations and women are creating greater hope through policies and legislations, to make women lives through entrepreneurship more meaningful.

The emergence of social media also saw the materialization of women in business in developed and developing nations thinking of ways to expand their businesses to reach a more international market. Fair Trade and the growing number of social media have also created opportunities for women in remote parts of the world to get their products to an international audience:  We are now seeing craft from remote villages in Africa and Latin America, on the market. People are now having access to these products, from a wholesale and retail perspective, working direct with the creators and producers of beautiful products.

Women in business in the United States are also reaching a wider market with their products and services. Women with skills and knowledge in areas of accounting, education, training and development, law, real estate, nursing, self empowerment, spirituality and other service industries are no longer confined to the States that they live in, but is able to access customers across the United States and globally. The same is occurring in other areas including craft, fashion design, photography, event planning, interior decorating, architect and other creative businesses. These creative entrepreneurs are now using social media to gain visibility and establish their brand with the hope of getting recognized and increasing their client base and profitability.  

Research shows that governments across the globe have started initiatives to facilitate women owned businesses, so that they can become sustainable ventures where they can contribute to their social, economic and political development and contribute to the development of nation-building overall. Entrepreneur training forms a great part of the training for women, to prepare them to succeed and to reduce the failure rate of women ― owned businesses. Training in computer technology to facilitate business management is another support provided. This together with language development, are now made available to women in countries who face language as a barrier to succeed in women entrepreneurship.

Finance for start-up and other development initiatives like participation in tradeshows, whole sale buying, accessing training and development opportunities, production and manufacturing, machinery and technology purchase, are also a concern for women entrepreneurs, and are making demands that these needs are met. Family support is another concern for women in business, particularly the need for child-care support for entrepreneurs that combines entrepreneurship with motherhood.

On social media platform like Facebook, we hear the voices of women and see their initiative in the many groups that they have formed, with the goal of empowering women. My personal group Women in Business was developed to reach women with an entrepreneurial venture; both the professional business woman and those involved in an entrepreneurial venture regardless of its size, sector or industries. Women not yet involved are also invited to participate, and to observe what other women are doing so that they too could take incentive if they so desire to become entrepreneurial.  

Since the inception of Facebook, one of the leading social media platform, over seven hundred million people from across the globe have joined. It has been very forward in its design and delivery, providing access to people for free to communicate at various levels  ― personal, social, cultural, business, political, and health to list some of the economic and social benefits.  Research also shows that the number of users on Twitter, a micro-blogging site has also grown comparably with Facebook. The world has become a global village with networking linkages formed by individuals, businesses, organizations and groups. Every institution in society is now using social media to communicate their messages and goals. People of all ages; from the very young to the over 60’s are using social media for connecting with friends, forging family connection, making friend connections, conducting research, collaborating with others in joint ventures, and empowering and supporting each other.

It is a global village where no one is discriminated. Social media sites are bedrock of resources, where every demography is represented. Regardless of race, class, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age and gender, everyone is represented and treated equally. Here everyone has access. Social media affords a space for the sharing of information. Here you can find information for any problem that you may have; or answers to questions that you might have. People are quick to provide you with empowering thoughts and positive information to build your knowledge overall.

Research shows that schools are using social media for teaching and learning with great success.  Students are learning and it has the capabilities to facilitate social interaction, social learning, and collaborative knowledge building and the potential to generate new ideas and create new knowledge. Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environments and computer mediated conferencing has been used to facilitate teaching and learning and research; and there has been earlier innovations used prior to the 1990’s to encourage the sharing of information, facilitating learning and fostering intercultural understanding.

Social media however has made communal and global learning more accessible to everyone. In addition it is also free. One only needs the communication medium ― a computer and Internet connection to make it possible to interact. In its earlier stage of development using web-based technology for teaching and learning was costly making its use very prohibitory. Even with Internet connection, and the availability of computers, the cost for the software and teacher training made it accessible to be integrated into classrooms across the globe.

Women have created groups that cover every interest and issues that are of interest for women’s empowerment and social and economical development and they are actively participating in their own growth. They are learning from each other by observing and emulating. Many have had the chance to make networking connection and are engaging in joint ventures. Many of these connections are transnational and trans-cultural, but they are working quite effectively and they are benefiting all those who dare to be actively involved.

Some of the features of social media sites make it easy for communication. Facebook is one such social media site. The “discussion board” a great feature in groups, as well as the “comment” section” together with the “News Feeds” and one’s status line, together with Face book’s collaboration with other developers makes it easier for the user to keep abreast with new information as well as provide opportunities to share information.

Facebook also affords the users with options to talk to each other through its “chat” forum. In addition, the flexibility that it provides its users to utilize a combination of media including videos, photographs, and links to websites and blog, has made it a truly interactive space, where learning and sharing occurs ― and not in a formal way but informally and at one’s own pace. Most groups on Facebook ask their members to introduce themselves to the group so that the other members can get to know them better. This activity provides an opportunity for each member to showcase who they are and what they do ― it is a branding of some sorts and it provide an opportunity for connecting with others who might also be interested in the product or services that you business promotes. 

While large organizations are thinking of how best to integrate social media into their technology and marketing plans, smaller businesses and women-owned businesses in particular are also adapting and adjusting to the technology changes and social media innovations that has emerged.

To business women, who are engaged in a creative business, retail, or affiliate business, it is recommended that you integrate Facebook and Twitter into your business marketing strategy. They have the capabilities to reach your target audience and niche market. Professional business women is best advised to used LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; these allow you to connect with and network with other professionals in your field as well as make connection to a large customer-pool.

In summary, social media has been very revolutionary since its inception. There is opportunity for every type of business, both small and large to connect with their target audience to promote and grow a sustainable business. Social media does not discriminate in terms of who should be a part. However to get maximum benefit from it, one must engage in an analysis of the forum in terms of how it can be of benefit to you and your business goals and objective, the time and cost to effectively use it, and what strategies and techniques to apply to make the best use of the social media of your choice.

Written by Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed.D  
Education Specialist, ICT Expert and Coach and Mentor

Was first written: Wednesday, March 23, 2011

© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved.

A Book Review: Startup from the Ground Up by Cynthia Kocialski

Start up from the Ground Up: Practical Insights for Transforming an idea into  Business is written by Cynthia Kocialski. This book is written for entrepreneurs regardless of whether you identify yourself as a start-up, small business person, women entrepreneur, or a woman in business, overall. The author provides a comprehensive guide on entrepreneurship and addresses issues that you should consider regardless of the size of your business or what business sector you belong. How to move your business idea into a real business, is the focus of Start up from the Ground up. 

The author notes: 
It is a dream for many people to be an entrepreneur, to start the next company that creates the hottest tech trends, or to change workplaces and life styles with a new product. How do you transform your pie in the sky idea into a reality. How do you start? What mistakes should be avoided? Are there any secrets?
The author addresses issues that are of paramount importance to building a business and explains their relevance to business development and success. Cynthia Kocialski brings to you, her many years of experience in business at varying levels, as well as the knowledge and skills she has gained. She therefore shares her wealth of knowledge to help you achieve "your piece of pie in the sky." In this book, Cynthia Kocialski provides the ingredients needed to take your vision into a reality. According to the author:

A lot of pieces are needed to just get a start-up off the ground, and it's more than just the technical product that makes a start-up successful. This book will set the expectations for the entrepreneur, detail strategies and techniques, and shed light on common misconceptions.

If you are interested in knowing what are some issues to expect when entering an entrepreneurial venture and is curious to learn what are some strategies and techniques to use as well as to know what pitfalls you can avoid, you must read Start Up from the ground up: Practical Insights for Transforming an idea into Business.  To participate in Cynthia Kocialski's book tour CLICK HERE!

Written by Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting with a portfolio in education, organizational development, professional and business development. Dr. Cottle is also the creative entrepreneur behind CPC Women in Businessan online community for women entrepreneurs.

© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting.


Jestli okamžitě nezačne jaro, sežeru si vlastní palec u levé nohy!
If the spring doesn't begin immediately, I'll bite of my own thumb on the left leg!

[Burberry Prorsum S/S 2012- source]

A Nook of Simple Quotes - - Our Inner Fire Goes Out and it burst into Flames by Another

A Nook of Simple Quotes 
In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. ~ Albert Schweitzer 

Can you identify with this? Sometimes it does take another person who loves us to rekindle our flames when it's begins to burn so low that it threatens to blow-out. These are the people that we have to be grateful for. They are the charming gardeners in our lives. It would be nice if you can share your thoughts, story or experience.

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved.


Mám fotku v časopisu hned naproti Johnu Malkovichovi. Co z toho vyplývá? Že se s ním teď můžu pusinkovat kdykoli časopis zavřu!
I have a photo in the magazine and John Malkovich have his right infront of mine. What does it mean? I can kiss him every time I close my journal!

[Photo is from GANT Opening in Prague]

A Review - - African Women in Business Initiative

The African Women in Business Initiative have three core objectives that include:
  1. Raise awareness among stakeholders and mobilize key players in the field of AWIB promotion 
  2. Reinforce the business support provision
  3. Develop concrete forms of support to enterprise education and entrepreneurship development

According to the website:

Develop concrete forms of support to enterprise education and entrepreneurship development  

AWIB will endeavor to develop and work with initiatives that help to foster a strong entrepreneurial culture, make self-employment attractive and enhance entrepreneurship training at all levels of schooling. Specific measures and actions include:
1.    Helping to design the government’s framework for entrepreneurship development programs, with special features for women;
2.    Promoting the development of appropriate business structures for women and develop Business Incubators attached to technical schools and universities;
3.    Incorporating entrepreneurship development courses in university curricula;
4.    Creating a Business Idea Competition – to promote learning, competitiveness and networks creation and reinforcement; and
5.    Assessing the feasibility of an African Training Institute Hub for Women Entrepreneurs with the aim to develop a two-way information and knowledge center.

Women entrepreneurship is a global initiative as many countries across the globe and across culture puts in place legislations and policies to facilitate and ensure the independence and growth of families, communities and national sustainability. 

CPC Women in Business Profile for September ― Diane Kroe

CPC Women in Business profile for September is Diane Kroe of Diane Kroe Inc, a design and manufacturing company that specializes in clothing for women. It is a Toronto; Canada based business that operates out of Diane’s Studio. Diane Kroe is an experienced entrepreneur who started her retail business over ten years ago with a store under the label of Diane Kroe on one of Toronto’s busiest commercial centre, Avenue Road. Today Diane leads Diane Kroe Inc; creating apparels for women who love to travel. She calls it The Travel Collection designed for women who love to travel in style.

Diane’s clothing lines are for women who love to travel in style and are beautifully designed, feminine, versatile and flexible. In addition, Diane also designs a private label clothing collections for Canada’s leading spas and resorts. Diane is the primary designer for her labels and all of her products are made locally. She proudly notes, “all my work is manufactured in Canada making it ideal for the tourist industry.” Ms. Kroe supports the local economy by providing employment to others within her local and national community.

Although Diane has been an independent business woman and a designer of her own private labels for many years, she has worked in the fashion industry for over twenty years. Diane pointed out that “I studied Fashion Arts at Seneca College and Ryerson, but gained most of my expertise working for designers in the industry.” Diane also noted that she worked for a fashion designer ― Judy Sokoloski under the label Streetwear in the late 80’s and later working for X:S Clothing in the early 90’s and her experience in fashion design and manufacturing does not stop there: She also designed for an international importing company that specialized in apparel and in that position, she traveled and toured garment manufacturing companies around the world; gaining a great deal of skills and knowledge which she transfered to her own business.
Women in business, who tell their stories as to why they started their own businesss often say freedom but Diane contributes her “why” to “creative freedom”. She notes that "I started my own business mainly because it gave me creative freedom. “Working for other companies I had to work within their brand restrictions.” Under her own business and label Diane felt that she had the creative freedom to design from her heart. This latter rationale ― control over one’s time or control over one’s life and not being limited to a nine-to-five schedule, provided her with the opportunity to live the life that she wants, as well as allow her creativity to flow. Ms. Kroe also pointed out that “over time I started a family and it was important for me to have control over my schedule. I soon realized that self-employment was perfect for my chosen lifestyle.”

Ms. Kroe describes the structure of her company as “quite simple” and adds that “I do (clothing) shows twice a year featuring my Travel Collection. I visit cities across Canada which takes me approximately 6 weeks each season.” She also adds that “in-between I supply spas and resorts with their merchandise from my Signature Spa Collection ― this I can do from anywhere by computer.” Diane states that “I chose this type of structure because I work hard for 12 weeks a year allowing me to be free the rest of the time.” This business structure is also perfect for Daine’s “chosen lifestyle” and it provides her with the opportunity to spend quality time with her family. She notes that “also my husband works in the film industry and is often on locations around the world so this business model allows me the flexibility I need for us to spend quality family time around his crazy schedule.”

Diane also faced challenges in her entrepreneurial journey, but she has found ways to minimize them. She noted that “being profitable while having freedom and flexibility were always a challenge for me” but she shares her strategies that worked for her to find a balance between maximizing her profit and maintaining her freedom and flexibility. She therefore notes that “many people believe you have to give up one for the other. In my case I did some research and learned how to automate a large portion of my work. I also learned how to reduce my overhead by working from home and farming out work rather than having the responsibility of hiring employees. I focus my time on products that bring me a higher gross profit margin and let people find me for the lower profit items. I no longer have to waste time traveling to work ― now I spend more time creating new designs and connecting with my clientelle through social media.”

For most women in business, finance has been their number one challenge. How do I finance my business idea so that it can grow into a start-up and blossom into a successful business? This is a common question asked. Diane noted that “yes it was definitely a challenge” and elaborated that “I worked full time for a designer and worked on the weekend waitressing to save up capital to start my business.” She also noted that “I had great moral support from my family but no financial support as my father was an entrepreneur himself and had suffered a stroke in his prime losing his business.” While she did not receive financial support from her father, she received invaluable advice which she used to build her business. She proudly adds “he guided me and taught me many valuable lessons. I eventually got a small business loan to expand and now my business finances it self.”

While most women entrepreneur would say that the business strategies that they use that works for them are networking, having a mentor, marketing and business promotion, direct sales and or social media, Diane shares with us that her strategy is maintaining a manageable pace so that she can effectivly manage her business. She shares with us why this is so important to her. She says, “My strategy is to remain at a steady manageable pace. Growing a business is not always profitable. Many people are mistaken with what it means to be successful. To me success is the luxury of having a profitable business that I love and to have an abundance of quality time with my friends and family while enjoying life to its fullest. It took me many years to come to this realization and learned the hard way.”

Computer-based technology plays an important role in Diane Kroe’s design and manufacturing business. Diane uses the computer and the internet to reach her clients world wide; and it allows her to process her orders, shipment and handling and process her payments. Ms. Kroe notes that “my computer allows me to work from anywhere in the world. I can run my business from the dock at my lake house or an airport while traveling. I connect with my customers on Facebook and Twitter and customer orders are automatically processed through Pay Pal. Signature Spa orders are shipped direct from the contractors so there are minimal problems while I’m away.”

In response to the question, what is your personal philosophy and how has it transcends your business philosophy, Diane provides us with an answer that shows how her personal and business philosophy impact her management style, creativity and designs. Diane notes “My business philosophy is less is more and change is everything. By less is more I try to create clothing that allow my customers to have less fashion and more style. “Fashion comes and goes but style is forever” ~Yves Saint Laurent.” She also notes that “structuring your business right allows you to work less while having more fun. I also believe that change is the foundation of life, so I base all of my designs on change. Life changes, our mood and circumstances also change, so I prefer creating designs that accommodate change."

Finding balance between work, self and family is often a difficult feat for most women entrepreneurs, particularly those with a family. I have spoken with many women entrepreneurs who noted that their most creative and productive time is when their children are at school or when they are asleep. Diane notes that to find balance, she makes a to-do- list and structure her time to get things done when her children are at school. She also notes that she too “work at night while they are in bed" and goes on to say that “I will work hard before a vacation so when I’m away I can focus on family time.”

Diane’s recommendation to other women entrepreneurs or women now thinking about entrepreneurship as a viable livlihood is a very long list of useful advice. Diane notes:
  • First of all write down what success means to you then structure your business around it
  • Always have realistic goals
  • Delegate work that you are not good at. For me it’s bookkeeping and accounting
  • Always pay your taxes. It will cost you more in the long run if not done properly and on time
  • Avoid partnerships, employees and overhead for as long as you can
  • Have a solid business plan and write it yourself. It will be the map to follow while building your business
  • Be grounded spiritually . . . do fair business and good things will happen (if you do unfair business bad karma will be at your heels)
  • Keep learning, reading and evolving
  • Take care of your self. When self employed if you are not well your business won’t do well
  • Make sure to do something you are passionate about otherwise you’ll loose interest when times are tough
  • If you are planning to use the social media for promoting your brand make sure to minimize personal information
  • The internet is a very powerful tool. Use it wisely

Diane also has future plans for Diane Kroe Inc. She notes that “in the future I would like to have my Signature Collection in Spas and Resorts world wide and would like to build a solid customer base for my Travel Collection while increasing my online sales. She would also like to increase her clientelle across Canada by doing shows in each city twice a year.

Contact Information: 

You can also listen to Diane's interview with Crafted Spaces Radio. Episode: The Challenges of Mompreneurship.

Was first published on CPC Women in Business on September 1, 2011.

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting company with a portfolio in education, organizational development, professional and business development. Dr. Cottle is also the creative entrepreneur behind CPC Women in Business.  
© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved!


Zcela sobecky a vychloubačně prohlašuji, že já! Ale více vám ukážu až večer. Zatím si přečtěte ROZHOVOR, kde se o mně dozvíte naprosto nepodstatné věci. Děkuji Veronice,že pochopila, že nesmysly jsou mnohem smysluplnější.
I am there! And declare it completely selfish and boastful. See more this evening.

Katy Perry Blonde Hairstyles

Raising star singer Katy Perry have a good hairstyles in every performance. Black hairstyles or little bit wavy most in curly hairstyles she wear. Match with her face shape she looks more gorgeous, her make up artist make great choose in glamour make up in supporting her performance. Wearing The Smurf Dress she looks great in blonde hair. Elegant, feminine and beautiful on her.
Katy Perry Blonde Hairstyles
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Katy Perry Feminine Look
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I'm An American, Katy Perry Easy Hair
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Tv Interview with Katy Perry in blonde Hairstyles
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Katy Perry Blonde Hairstyles
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Katy Perry 
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Wearing The Smurf  Dress Beautiful Katy Perry 
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Katy Perry Black Hairstyles
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Katy Perry Black Hairstyles
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