A Book Review: Startup from the Ground Up by Cynthia Kocialski

Start up from the Ground Up: Practical Insights for Transforming an idea into  Business is written by Cynthia Kocialski. This book is written for entrepreneurs regardless of whether you identify yourself as a start-up, small business person, women entrepreneur, or a woman in business, overall. The author provides a comprehensive guide on entrepreneurship and addresses issues that you should consider regardless of the size of your business or what business sector you belong. How to move your business idea into a real business, is the focus of Start up from the Ground up. 

The author notes: 
It is a dream for many people to be an entrepreneur, to start the next company that creates the hottest tech trends, or to change workplaces and life styles with a new product. How do you transform your pie in the sky idea into a reality. How do you start? What mistakes should be avoided? Are there any secrets?
The author addresses issues that are of paramount importance to building a business and explains their relevance to business development and success. Cynthia Kocialski brings to you, her many years of experience in business at varying levels, as well as the knowledge and skills she has gained. She therefore shares her wealth of knowledge to help you achieve "your piece of pie in the sky." In this book, Cynthia Kocialski provides the ingredients needed to take your vision into a reality. According to the author:

A lot of pieces are needed to just get a start-up off the ground, and it's more than just the technical product that makes a start-up successful. This book will set the expectations for the entrepreneur, detail strategies and techniques, and shed light on common misconceptions.

If you are interested in knowing what are some issues to expect when entering an entrepreneurial venture and is curious to learn what are some strategies and techniques to use as well as to know what pitfalls you can avoid, you must read Start Up from the ground up: Practical Insights for Transforming an idea into Business.  To participate in Cynthia Kocialski's book tour CLICK HERE!

Written by Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting with a portfolio in education, organizational development, professional and business development. Dr. Cottle is also the creative entrepreneur behind CPC Women in Businessan online community for women entrepreneurs.

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