Latest Tips for Our Sari to Look Brand New

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You & only you know how stunning you are & how much pains you went through to choose that pretty designer sari & only you will truly understand how evil it is to have a stain on that ideal sari.

So here are a few sari care tips to be definite that even your 7 year elderly sari looks brand spanking new and there is absolutely no sign of stains.
Saris are obtainable in a variety or prints, colors, work and as lots of fabrics. Every fabric has to be tended to differently and taken care of in a different manner.

1. Cotton Saris:

Let's start with the basics. You will notice that every time you buy a cotton sari, it is stiff. That is because the sari has lots of starch - something that is essential in the coursework of the weaving or coloring procedure. It is simple to get the starch out. All you require to do is dip the sari in a bucket of warm saltwater and let it soak for some time. Make sure that you soak saris individually since they may bleed in their first wash. Seldom wring a wet cotton sari. It loosens the fabric. In lieu, gently squeeze out the excess water and hang it up to dry in direct sunlight.

2. Chiffon and Georgette Saris:

Chiffon and Georgette are both flowing delicate materials that look awesome when adorned. It may be the unique delicateness that adds flavor to your look but it is exactly that feature of the fabrics that make it so hard to take care of. It is comparatively simpler to wash them. They can be both hand washed - a preferable option if the sari is filled with work - or machine washed in the delicate mode. However, the actual issue begins with the ironing and adorning. You need to be cautious while ironing these saris because a slight increase in heat will cause holes. Similarly, it is advisable not to make use of safety pins in these saris since they may tear.

3. Tissue & Organza Saris:

These saris also firmly belong to the delicate section & require plenty of care. Be cautious about the way you dry the sari. Also, never leave the sari hanging since it alters the basic shape. These saris must be wrapped in muslin cloth & preferably dry cleaned.

4. Silk Saris:

They are as pricey as they are stunning. Be sure that you always dry neat silk saris, crepe silks & heavy brocades. While it is feasible to hand wash silk saris, I would strongly advice against that. However, in the event you do feel like hand washing your silk sari, then be cautious. Also add a small drop of hair conditioner to the rinse water.

If you do not use these saris often, make positive you take them out and re fold them repeatedly to keep away from any tears.
It helps soften the fabric and give it a pretty sheen. Machine wash is a strict no no. Wrap your silk saris in a muslin cloth and store them in a chilled, dry place.