A Review - - African Women in Business Initiative

The African Women in Business Initiative have three core objectives that include:
  1. Raise awareness among stakeholders and mobilize key players in the field of AWIB promotion 
  2. Reinforce the business support provision
  3. Develop concrete forms of support to enterprise education and entrepreneurship development

According to the website:

Develop concrete forms of support to enterprise education and entrepreneurship development  

AWIB will endeavor to develop and work with initiatives that help to foster a strong entrepreneurial culture, make self-employment attractive and enhance entrepreneurship training at all levels of schooling. Specific measures and actions include:
1.    Helping to design the government’s framework for entrepreneurship development programs, with special features for women;
2.    Promoting the development of appropriate business structures for women and develop Business Incubators attached to technical schools and universities;
3.    Incorporating entrepreneurship development courses in university curricula;
4.    Creating a Business Idea Competition – to promote learning, competitiveness and networks creation and reinforcement; and
5.    Assessing the feasibility of an African Training Institute Hub for Women Entrepreneurs with the aim to develop a two-way information and knowledge center.

Women entrepreneurship is a global initiative as many countries across the globe and across culture puts in place legislations and policies to facilitate and ensure the independence and growth of families, communities and national sustainability.