women and money

What is your relationship with money?
Experts say that for women is all about the emotions, just how you feel about yourself. The way we spend, save and invest is often dictated by deep-seated psychological issues relating to self-worth, security and status. Women when they are miserable, they hit the stores to compensate for something lacking in their life, these are the women who shop themselves into debt and even if they are on generous salaries borrow money to pay bills.
Then there are those women who through overly austere measures use money as a security blanket, who account for every last cent and deny themselves the smallest of luxuries and as such do not enjoy the money they earn.
Women have a heavier emotional involvement with money than men, and we have more worries, fears and anxieties connected with it. ‘Women have less confidence in their financial expertise than men, but if they can get beyond their fear, they are often better at investing because they take a more long-term view,’ says Emily Haisley, a behavioural finance specialist at Barclays Bank.
Focus is critical if your money is to meet your needs for the long term future and the way the world economy is heading and our own personal relationship with men is heading this financial focus is now more important than never before.

Happy Halloween

Forget those tacky nylon halloween costumes, we at OFS believe in the use of what we've got to take halloween to a whole new level.  Our own little gothic fairy tale consists of characters which are right on trend, with the chiffon maxi skirt making an appearance along side the velvet jacket there really is nothing more for you to wish for! We suggest, old black tie, chiffon, lace and an exuberant quantity of face paint. Trick or Treat? C xxx 

Photographs: Caroline Ames
Set and Styling: Caroline Ames and Rebecca Sloan
Victoria Mears
Rory Allan
Finn Doyle
Marcello Cattaneo
Andrea Bellettato 


 Několik fundovaných mužů označilo tenhle videoklip jako masturbační video. Je ale čistě na vás, co u něj budete dělat vy...Už brzy se dozvíte více. Zůstaňte nažhaveni.
Several well-researched men marked this video clip as a masturbation video. But it is entirely up to you what you'll do when you watch the video...Comming soon. Stay horny.

[Photos by Vladimír Jaške | Styling by me]

Monocle Columns That Take You Global

Take a look at highlights of the weekend from Monocle (love the magazine) - from music (global/thevinylfactory.com) to design (Tokyo/designtide.jp) to film (U.S.A./The Rum Diary), a little bit of everything to open your mind.

What is Monocle?
Monocle is premium media brand with magazine, web, broadcast and retail divisions. Focusing on global affairs, business, culture and design, Monocle's mission is to keep an eye on the world.
Go here to expand.

Illustration credit:  Designtide Tokyo 2011

A Nook of Simple Quotes: What if you gave a gift and you were not thanked!

A Nook of Simple Quotes!

What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it? Would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have.
~ Ralph Marston

Just thought that I will share this quote with you? What are your thoughts on gratitude? Do you think that we should be grateful to those who have assisted us along our life path? 

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved.


 DKNY podporuje mladé dívky, jejichž cílem je získat svého Itala, který jim následně bude skupovat všechny kabelky z nové kolekce...Co vy? Máte už svého Itala?
DKNY supports young girls, who want to obtain their own Italian, that will buy them all handbags from new collection...What about you? Do you already have your own Italian guy?

[Photos by Boo]

Social media marketing is all about your brand

What is the real relationship between clever digital marketing strategies and superior performance of the company? I do get the impression these days, that crafting a sophisticated and clever social media marketing strategy has become a goal in itself. Leaders in these areas, such as Burberry and Gucci, have reached the status of digital superstars, while Dior or Prada are essentially ridiculed for not having the same social media presence (the recent L2 study makes this clear, bit.ly/orIWDR). The argument goes along the lines that such innovative marketing strategies are the ultimate way to increase brand value and strengthen brand loyalty – without doubt crucial parameters for international fashion businesses.

But hasn't social media marketing become some sort of truism? Fortunately, now there's the time for some realism and critical review of such practices. Does digital marketing actually build and establish a brand? In fact, the ideas and visions that make brands stand out have to be built in other ways. During a session as part of Advertising Week in NY earlier this month there have been quite some refreshing comments (nyti.ms/pMvFGn). In essence, it is crucial to get the message right, and not just how you communicate it. Fashion brands have to combine their digital marketing with their efforts to build a unique brand identity. The latter could involve both digital elements, such as crowd-sourcing techniques, or more classical marketing activities like print media advertising or actual. What is technology and social media marketing worth without developing an exciting brand image?

Yes, Burberry has done great efforts to become the leading digital marketer within the fashion industry. And it very likely drives their image as a cutting-edge designer brand. But this has been made possible by their successful brand-building before! Similarly, companies with strong brand images can still get away with poor social media performances (think Hermes and Dior). That might not work much longer. But once they step up their efforts and hire talented social media marketers thinking out of the box, just make sure the overarching goal remains building and strengthening your brand!

Felix Rossknecht

Quietly Building New Structures In Our World

Photo credit:  ©Laurel Delaney 2011, "Loyola University Chicago North Shore Campus"
"Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures." ~ John F. Kennedy 
Photo credit:  ©Laurel Delaney 2011


Sofia Leo a můj Leo-pardí kabát šli spolu na rande. Já jsem jim dělala křena.
Sofia Leo and my Leo-pard coat were on a date. I played gooseberry. 


[One more photo HERE]


 Naděje na abstinenci umírá s prvním douškem vodky Absolut. Absolutní abstinence je tedy v tomto případě absolutní utopií. A proto...Utopme se v alkoholu. Na můj povel. Raz. Dva. Pět. Osmdesát devět. Štohosmdeshátheble. Škyt. 
Hope for abstinence dies with the first sip of vodka Absolut. Absolute abstinence is in this case an absolute utopia. Let's be drowned in alcohol. On my command. One. Two. Five. Eighty-nine. One hu hu hundred eighty blah. Hiccup. 


[Photos by Adéla from Absolut Vodka Party]

7 Billionth Person In Our World: Sorry, No Vacancy?

In the coming days marks the celebration of 7 billion people on our planet.
The milestone, to be declared on October 31, 2011, is a huge spike from less than a century ago. In 1927, the global population was only 2 billion. Only 13 years ago, the population was at 6 billion, the U.N. says.
Have a look at people, possibilities and the challenges that come with dramatic population growth here.

Time to do some planning and invest in people power!

Illustration credit:  State of World Population 2011

Creative Ways to Partner With Your Overseas Customer

Export this.  Import that.  But how do you partner with your overseas customer (or supplier) in such a way that they feel totally committed to you?

Have I got the ideas!


5 Inspiring Ways to Partner with Your Overseas Customer to Grow the Relationship

OFS's First talk of the year

Join us for our first speaker event this year. Jenny Holloway, director of London-based fashion company 'Fashion Enter' is coming to Oxford to hold a talk on how to succeed in the fashion business. The talk will take place in Christ Church on the 4th November at 11am. More info about her company: http://www.fashioncapital.co.uk/ 
Join our email: oxfordfashionsociety@gmail.com to hear more about talks and events!

C xxx

Internet Start-Ups in Brazil

A look at Brazilian investment firms and the role they play with Internet start-ups in Brazil.
According to the New York-based Latin America Venture Capital Association, five of 32 venture capital and private equity deals in Brazil in the first half of 2011 were early stage, seed or incubator investments. In 2010, that ratio was 12 of 28.
A few interesting companies that are mentioned in the article:
Read the entire article here.

Illustration credit:  Elo7

Deciding Against a Life-Sentence of Selling Soap

The Economist offers "the outlook for entrepreneurs in India."  And yes - we are all looking for the next Infosys.  One particular comment in the article stood out for me:
And yet, for all these barriers, new firms are emerging in unexpected places. Vinayak Chatterjee, who graduated from IIMA in 1981, first joined a consumer-goods firm. After deciding against a life-sentence of selling soap, he went on to establish Feedback Infra, an engineering and consulting firm in Delhi that specialises in infrastructure projects. With 1,250-odd staff, half of them engineers, and a list of blue-chip and government clients, it exemplifies the kind of high-end services that India could excel at. Mr Chatterjee reckons his costs are a quarter of rich-world firms’. Big parts of this business are “no different fundamentally from IT outsourcing”, he says. The priority for now, though, is to build scale at home. With about $50m of revenue, growing by about 30% a year, the firm is on its way to that goal. A flotation would be a natural next stage in a few years’ time.
Reminds me of the bold statement Steve Jobs once made to former Pepsi exec John Sculley when he tried (and succeeded) to woo Sculley to run Apple:  "... prefer to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world?" (refer to 1983-1993).

So you can choose:  Become a global entrepreneur or sell soap in India for the rest of your life!

Read the entire article here.

Illustration credit:  Feedback Infra

The Social Market

Social networking: the term has become synonymous with wall-posting, tweeting, poking, liking and stalking, specifically of the Facebook sort. With over 750 million users worldwide, and millions more joining up each month, it is hardly surprising that Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing tools we have ever seen: one out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook, more than on any other global site, including Google. Consequently, a marketing revolution has snowballed since Facebook’s founding in February 2004: no doubt you will have noticed the adverts lining the right hand side of your screen when you have logged on.

Surprisingly, however, a recent study carried out by a New York based Think-Tank called Luxury Lab (also known as L2) has revealed that fashion houses in general have been rather slow on the uptake. The L2 Digital IQ Index was released earlier last week, assessing the digital IQ of top fashion brands through their use of a website (35%), digital marketing (25%), social media (25%) and mobile devices (15%). The relative percentages show the significance of each aspect in brand building. Under the social media heading, the report considered each brand’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube videos and Tumblr activity. According to the overall results of the analysis of each company, they were then placed into one of five categories: genius, gifted, average, challenged or feeble.

The Digital IQ dispersion of the 49 companies L2 reviewed followed a normal distribution, with 4 classed as genius, 12 gifted, 17 average, 11 challenged and 5 feeble. Topping the chart and leading the social media surge was Burberry, whilst Manolo Blahnik was left floundering at the very bottom. Improvers of the year were
Donna Karan and Alexander McQueen with a 43% increase on their performance on 2010’s Digital IQ test. In contrast, Hermes suffered a 35% decrease by comparison with last year’s results, making it the biggest loser of the study.

Statistics are all very well, but what do they actually mean for these fashion houses? According the Scott Galloway, the founder of L2 and Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU, “digital competence is inextricably linked to shareholder value”. There is no doubt that social media sites do significantly reduce costs, which is one of two main ways of increasing shareholder value (the other being to increase revenue). Bearing this in mind, we would therefore expect the share value of Hermes to have fallen. So what are we to make of the fact that Hermes shares have actually risen in value by 31.97%? The truth is that share prices of the French brand jumped in December 2010 after reports that LVMH was looking to invest further in the business. L2 might accuse Hermes of relying too much on their “iconic status” rather than innovation and digital marketing developments but the reality is, the number of “likes” on their Facebook page or followers on twitter hardly impacts the consumer choices of their high profile clientele.

I think its safe to say that Facebook and other social networking sites are an increasingly important tool for enterprises but from my own experience at OFS, it seems it is more crucial for smaller, emerging brands to use them rather than longstanding fashion houses. Galloway’s dire threat that Hermes; poor digital marketing will come back to haunt them and their shareholders is, I believe, rather empty.

Tessa McGuire

Victoria's Secrets Goes Middle East

In its early days of international expansion, Victoria's Secrets -- with the help of partner M. H. Alshaya, run by Mohammed Alshaya (operator of Aeropostale and H&M stores as well) -- will focus on the Middle East.

Big issue?  Whether or not to install fitting rooms at lingerie boutiques in Saudi Arabia.

Read the entire article here.

Photo credit:  Victoria's Secrets

Related articleVictoria's Secrets:  Taking It Slowly in the International Marketplace


Chcete-li si uhnat nedělní depresi, zajděte si na výstavu Luciferův efekt do DOX. Doporučuji ji poté zahnat smaženým řízkem s bramborovou kaší a máslovým kráterem uprostřed. Pekelná dobrota.
Výstavu doporučují dvě ze dvou přítomných blogerek- Lucie a Beáta (pod pekelnými pseudonymy Lucifer a Belzebub)


[Photos by Lucy]

A Nook of Simple Quotes: When we have more, it is never enough

A Nook of Simple Quotes

There is something perverse about more than enough. When we have more, it is never enough. It is always somewhere out there, just out of reach. The more we acquire, the more elusive enough becomes. ~ Unknown
Do you know anyone who this reflects? Can you identify with it? It would be great to share.

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved.

Brr its cold out there...

Left: Mary and Katharine Davenport on High St
Right: Reed Krakoff AW 2011
With the temperature dropping what feels like 5 degrees each day and Fresher's Flu making us feel like the living dead, what, I ask can keep me alive between my room and the engineering department? The answer, my glorious snug shearling coat. And, as it turns out i'm not the only one who thinks that... With designers from Burberry to Reed Krakoff sending beautiful soft sheepskin jackets and coats down the runway it's no wonder every shop on the high street is doing their own version and that we are all wearing them. Some advice though, unless you want to spend your student loan buying one go fake or second hand, with many prices exceeding the triple zero mark you don't want to be living off Tesco's basics instant noodles just because you HAD to have THAT coat... STAY WARM C xxx P.S. Mary got hers from The Ballroom on the Magdalen Bridge Roundabout. GO CHECK IT OUT. 

What happened in Wonderland

Alice Liddell, the daughter of the Dean of Christ Church, is the girl who it is said, inspired the character Alice, in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". We felt therefore, being based in Christ Church it was only fitting to pursue our own interpretation of the story. Our ideas involved the use of the Jabberwocky falling predator to the allure of the unicorn (in a beautiful sequined French Connection dress), Alice losing her innocence to the caterpillar (the epitome of the modern  hedonist) and the Queen of Hearts (The social Queen). Both girls adorned in jewel bright cocktail dresses, the IT thing to buy for this season. Maybe not what Carroll was intending but it fitted our purposes perfectly..! C xxx

Photographs: Caroline Ames
Styling and Makeup: Caroline Ames and Rebecca Sloan
Alice: Rebecca Sloan         
White Rabbit: Maria Rioumine
Cheshire Cat: Connie Marshall
White Cat: Felix Hale
Jabberwocky: Gordon Shishodia
Unicorn: Leonore Carron Desrosiers
Caterpillar: Theo Oulton
Mad Hatter: Silviu Paraoan 
Queen of Hearts: Arabella Munro 


Na základě jistých nepodložených spekulací přinášíme s Lindou důkaz naší velké lásky. Milujeme se včera, dnes i zítra. Noviny potvrzují aktuálnost fotografie.
Based on some unsubstantiated speculation we bring you the proof of our great love. We are in love. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. Newspaper confirms the topicality of our photos. 

We Made the List: The 20 Best Small Business Blogs!

Subject:  The 20 Best Small Business Blogs

Check out these great small business blogs - from Small Business Trends to Duct Tape Marketing + more - we are delighted to be among so many thought-leader bloggers!

Go here to learn moreThank you to BuyerZone for making this happen!  Congrats to our peers!

Exporting the Television Show Raymond

Perhaps Moscow will not find the show as funny?


Woody Allen a jeho utajená dcera byli spatřeni v New Yorku. Jejich podoba je nezpochybnitelná. Dcera zřejmě zdědila po otci nejen vkus, ale i oční vadu. Fashion Picanteria je jediný bulvární plátek, který zachytil jejich dojemné setkání. 
Woody Allen and his secret daughter were spotted in New York. Their resemblance is undeniable. Woody Allen's daughter probably inherited from his father not only taste but also the eye defect. Fashion Picanteria is the only tabloid, which captured their emotional meeting. 

Retiring Abroad? Here Are Five Top Countries

International Living magazine rated the top five countries for (Americans) to retire abroad. Must you be an American to enjoy these places? You tell me!

Anyway, the Chicago Tribune travel section featured the International Living ratings.

The areas are rated based on real estate prices, cost of living, culture, health care, special benefits for retirees, infrastructure, safety/stability and climate.

The five countries are as follows:
  1. Ecuador
  2. Mexico
  3. Panama
  4. Spain
  5. New Zealand
Check it out here.


V první řadě šlo samozřejmě o tenisky. Ve druhé, třetí, čtvrté a páté řadě šlo o víno, svlékání, o kosy a o prasárničky. Sobota se zapsala do dějin jako den, kdy bloggerky přestaly být slušnými holkami...
In the firts place it was about the Converse. In the second, third, fourth and fifth place it was about wine, undressing, blackbirds and perversity. Saturday went down in history as the day when the bloggers became naughty. 

All star team: Lucy, Blanche, Eva, Dania, Bára and me
MORE PHOTOS HERE or on their blogs.