women and money

What is your relationship with money?
Experts say that for women is all about the emotions, just how you feel about yourself. The way we spend, save and invest is often dictated by deep-seated psychological issues relating to self-worth, security and status. Women when they are miserable, they hit the stores to compensate for something lacking in their life, these are the women who shop themselves into debt and even if they are on generous salaries borrow money to pay bills.
Then there are those women who through overly austere measures use money as a security blanket, who account for every last cent and deny themselves the smallest of luxuries and as such do not enjoy the money they earn.
Women have a heavier emotional involvement with money than men, and we have more worries, fears and anxieties connected with it. ‘Women have less confidence in their financial expertise than men, but if they can get beyond their fear, they are often better at investing because they take a more long-term view,’ says Emily Haisley, a behavioural finance specialist at Barclays Bank.
Focus is critical if your money is to meet your needs for the long term future and the way the world economy is heading and our own personal relationship with men is heading this financial focus is now more important than never before.