Jsme tak zuřivé tanečnice, že držet s námi rytmus by bylo jako cedit špagety jednou rukou prázdnou a druhou vysypanou. 
Our dancing trio is so furious that keep the rythm with us would be more complicated than strain spaghetti with one hand severed and second tied.

[Babo, Me and Katarina]

Proof That a Shipment Is In Good Condition

When you place an order with a supplier located thousands of miles away, how do you protect yourself on the quality of the merchandise before it is released?

Request an inspection certificate.  Make it a condition (required document) within your payment arrangement.  Learn more here and here.

Wolvenstraat, Amsterdam

Thunderbird Global Business Dialogue 2011

Thunderbird School of Global Management launched an ongoing discussion about leadership in the 21st century with a signature business conference Nov. 10-11, 2011, at the Glendale Renaissance Hotel and Spa in Arizona.

The inaugural Thunderbird Global Business Dialogue drew more than 1,000 business, government and social sector leaders from more than 50 countries to explore the theme, “Redefining Global Leadership.”
The Thunderbird Global Business Dialogue is Thunderbird School of Global Management’s first attempt at holding a keynote international business conference in Arizona or globally, and was the largest event the school has held to date. Over the course of two days, more than 1,000 attendees including many Thunderbird alumni and 95+ world-class speakers and panelists from all over the world participated.
Learn more here.

Meanwhile, the next Global Business Dialogue will be held in Berlin, Germany in May 2012 and will focus on European Perspectives.  For more information, please visit:   http://www.thunderbird.edu/dialogue

Photo credit:  Thunderbird Global Business Dialogue 2011 


Boris: Sonja, are you scared of dying?
Sonja: Scared is the wrong word. I'm frightened of it.
Boris: That's an interesting distinction.

[Quoted from Love and Death by Woody Allen]


[Photos by Eva Doskova]

Small and Medium Business (SMB) IT Spending Worldwide

IDC, considered the premier global market intelligence firm, also covers the SMB market.  Here's what they predict (2010):
In the next 12-18 months, IDC expects a variety of evolutionary and revolutionary changes to take place in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) technology market that will drive opportunities on both a worldwide and regional basis. Based on this, and with in-depth knowledge of key technology areas where SMB offerings are dominant, IDC has expanded its research and consulting capabilities around understanding the SMB opportunity.
Learn more here.  Be sure to also check out:  Exploring the Global SMB Marketplace

A Nook of Simple Quotes: Keep your Dreams Alive

A Nook of Simple Quotes

Keep your dreams alive. Understand toachieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work,determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those whobelieve.~ Gail Devers

Dear Readers,

What are your thoughts after reading this quote? The quote suggest that to keep your dreams alive, you must have faith and confidence in yourself. She also suggests that hard work, determination and a commitment to what you want to achieve will assist you in achieving your goals.  

Please share your thoughts?

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
© Copyright 2011 by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle’s Professional Consulting. All Rights Reserved.

World Travel Market Trends Report 2010

An overview of the leading new trends emerging in the global travel and tourism industry.

World Travel Market Global Trends Report 2010

Download now Download now

How Collaborating Pays Off in the Global Marketplace

At a trade summit recently organized by the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, there was talk about the challenges for small and medium-sized companies entering growing and complex markets.

In addition, Cubex shares its story about how it collaborated with a key competitor, to fill a product void and to reach a global audience.

It's all here:  Going global all about strategy, timing

Giving Thanks to You Dear Readers Round the World!

Thank you for your readership and comments from time to time. Without you, this blog would not be nearly as lively or as much fun.   Have a Happy Thanksgiving (celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada)!

Photo courtesy:  ©Laurel Delaney 2011, "World's Largest Pumpkin"

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 Pokud budu mít štěstí a dožiju se toho, že lidé budou schopni cestovat časem, chci sedět u okýnka. (Jiří Jaroš, můj věčný zdroj inspiračního štrůdlu)
If I am lucky and will live in age of traveling through time, I want to sit at the window. (George Springsh, my eternal source of inspiration strudel)

[Photos by Štěpán Šůstek]

How to Rev Up American Exports

The Wall Street Journal's David Wessel moderates a discussion on the U.S. trade gap and how to fire up the export engines. Read the edited excerpts of the conversation below.

Building a U.S. export economy start with a new mind-set for companies

Here's one comment:
Only 1% of U.S. firms today are exporters. In a sense, U.S. firms have never had the export muscle—or to the extent that they had it, that muscle has atrophied over time.
And one of four recommendations:

To ensure growth, U.S. businesses should recognize the importance of developing foreign markets, including locally based products and services. They should set targets and goals for increasing participation in foreign markets and encourage more U.S. nationals to live abroad for a period. Government can help by providing support and education to smaller and medium-size businesses to increase their exports.
Related article:

Leading with a Global Mindset (1998) by Laurel Delaney

An Import/Export Business Is Born

See how Mary Smith and Tom Jackson got started in the import and export business.

by Laurel Delaney, About.com Import & Export Guide

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Generate Additional Revenue For Your Business: Expand Internationally

The Institute for Chartered Accountants in Australia in conjunction with Ernst and Young has produced a thought leadership paper entitled "Business Briefing:  20 Issues For Businesses Expanding Internationally."

It covers:
  • Planning for expansion
  • Choosing your location
  • Conducting business overseas
Read the paper here.

Illustration credit here.

A Nook of Simple Quotes: Try Thankfulness

A Nook of Simple Quotes! 
If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.  It will change your life mightily.  ~Gerald Good
I have met a lot of people who complain that they meet people who just cannot show gratitude, regardless of what kindness they receive. Some people also complain that even when they want to say "thank you" they just cannot and are thinking of ways that they can "reinvent" themselves. 

I have chosen to examine the issue of thankfulness and gratitude with ThanksGiving on the horizon.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Have you met anyone who just cannot show gratitude, even for life and living? 

Shared by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
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Le cœur ne bat que pour LeSportsac à main coeurs
Srdcová taška je momentálně taškou mého srdce...

Street Style Take 1

Christmas Coat- enough said, Tourist from London
Amazing hats, bags and an outfit that matches your bike... From top left: Tourists from Japan,  Josephine Mitchell - Brasenose, Sinnead Tulley- Somerville,  Jess and Max Oxford and Oxford Brookes
Boys in Brights: Edmund King- Wadham, Clancy Reid- Wadham,  Stan- Teddy Hall
I think the pictures say enough: Victoria Randall- Harris Manchester and The girl who was lost

Today Jess, Laura and I spent an hour scrutinising (and being hugely judgemental of) the clothes being worn by people walking around Turl Street and Radcliffe Square so that we could bring you the blog's first edition of Street Style. Turns out Oxford isn't as unfashionable as we thought. Enjoy! C xx

Photographs: Caroline Ames
Style Spotters: Caroline Ames, Jess Palay and Laura O'Brien

Smile to the World

"Start every day with a smile and get it over with." W.C. Fields

Posted by:  The Global Small Business Blog

Photo courtesy:  ©Laurel Delaney 2011, "Skokie Art Center" 

How Students Can Prepare for the Global Marketplace

Studying abroad is all the rage these days because young people want to take on the world.  But where are the students studying?
And students are studying in less traditional destinations. Although the UK, Italy, Spain and France still top the list, China continues to attract with nearly 14,000 students studying there in 2009/10 compared to fewer than 3,000 in 1999/00. Fifteen of the top 25 destinations were outside of Western Europe and 19 were countries where English is not a primary language. There was a 44 % increase in U.S. students going to India, and Israel, Brazil, New Zealand and Egypt showed large percentage gains.  
Stacie Nevadomski Berdan has studying abroad for students covered in:

The Right Study Abroad Program Can Prepare Students for the Global Marketplace

Illustration credit:  Stacie's e-book

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 Každá dívka potřebuje svou chlupatou kamarádku.
Every girl needs her own hairy girlfriend.

[Photos from making of the video clip]

ITA: International Trade Administration (U.S.A.)

Are you operating a business in the United States and need help with exporting and country and regional market information?

Have you looked at the International Trade Administration?  It's considered the bible of international trade information.

Americana: East Coast Style

This week I got to sit down and chat with New York based stylist Haley Loewenthal.  If your idea of fashion styling was putting dresses on celebrities, prepare to get your 6-inch heels rocked (and yes men I am talking to you too, I’ve heard that heels are becoming popular with men in clubs?)
Haley Loewenthal sets the record straight, revealing what it is really like to pursue a styling career.
Click HERE to read the full article

LIVE From Washington Post: It's Exporting for Growth!

Everything you ever wanted to know about exporting and then some.  You'll hear from Terry LaRocca, State of Illinois, John Nevell, U.S. Small Business Administration, Tony Hoti, President, Intercom Ventures, Michael Howard, Export-Import Bank, Julie Carducci, U.S. Department of Commerce, Frank Lavin, Export Now (refer to our earlier post) and Stan Deans, President, Illinois District, UPS.

Go here to access videos where experts discuss how small businesses can efficiently export goods and services abroad.

Brought to you by:  Washington Post Live

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Starter Kit for Illinois Businesses Looking to Export
Small Firms Lead the Way In Illinois Exports

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Sexy Artist

Sexy Artists pictures. Hope you like it.

See my previous post


Až vám někdo fundovaný bude tvrdit, že je kolekce Versace pro H&M inspirována zvířecí džunglí, nevěřte mu ani slovo. Skutečná inspirace totiž pramení z návštěvy Donatelly Versace v Praze, kde se opila tvrdým alkoholem, který se tvářil jako míchaný drink a nechala se provázet těmi největšími zvířaty z lidské říše (totiž námi blogorilami) po těch nejbizarnějších pražských klubech. Pokud vám inspirace nepřijde zřejmá, dejte si panáka, přimhuřte jedno oko a...tadá! Už to taky vidíte?
When someone sophisticated will say that Versace for H&M collection is inspired by animal jungle, do not believe it. The real inspiration is from the visit of Donatella Versace in Prague, where she got drunk and then she was accompanied by the biggest animals from the human jungle (by we blogorillas) in the most bizarre clubs. If you're not sure about the inspiration, just have a drink, squint one eye and...dun dun dun! Do you believe me now?

[Donatella will catch you on 17th of November! Fear, my little animals]