Wish Want WEAR

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother said: "You shall go to the ball" and so do we, in a beautiful dress as well. Wish Want Wear is a designer dress rental company who provide gowns for all occasions at very affordable prices. With designers from Temperly to Sass & Bide there's a dress for everyone, and, with many priced at under £60 you can wear THE dress of your dreams without breaking the bank. But, I can hear that thought in your mind... "What if I don't like it, or it doesn't fit" everyone's issue with buying (renting) clothes on the internet... Well luckily they even have a solution for that, and I quote:

"We'll send you one other size of your choice for free, to avoid any 'it doesn't fit!' panics. We can also rush out a replacement dress to you if necessary – we'll never leave you stranded with nothing to wear"

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon and get renting:
Use Promo code: KIRAUDANGELCAM3SD05 to get 10% off until November 30th, but remember you can book the dresses massively in advance so USE IT.

And just so you can sample some of their delights in an Oxford setting they very kindly lent us some to show you just how beautiful they really are. 

ENJOY! C xxx

Photographs: Caroline Ames
Styling: Audrey Davies and Katherine Skingsley 
Leonore Carron Desrosiers
Anna Merttens
Julia Skisaker