CPC Women in Business Profile: Ms. Kingi Carpenter

Kingi Carpenter
Photography by Peach Berserk

Our December CPC Women in Business Profile is Ms. Kingi Carpenter; one of Canada’s creative designers. CPC Women in Business is really glad to end this year’s Women in Business Profile with a creative designer and business owner who is passionate about what she does. She loves silk-screening and feels the whole world should be silk screening. Ms. Carpenter is an author and besides incorporating silk-screening in her clothing label Peach Berserk, she also conducts workshops that are open to everyone interested in it. Ms. Carpenter has also written a book entitled Peach Berserk Silkscreen Now! for silk-screening lovers. I think that Ms. Kingi Carpenter; parent, business collaborator, artist, designer and author is a great example to women in business, and those of us who are thinking about getting into an entrepreneurial venture.

Ms. Kingi Carpenter is the owner and manager ofPeach Berserk located in one of Toronto’s fashion district; Queen Street. PeachBerserk is located at 507 Queens Street West Ontario, for fashionistasinterested in getting one of Kingi’s designs for the holiday. Kingi's designlabel meets the design needs of the young and older fashionista, and can beworn at any event an evening of fun and partyingto a formal evening. Regardless of the social event, you are sure to stand outin one of Kingi’s Carpenter’s designs. You can shop directly from PeachBerserk’s website where you can purchase from her collection of tops, jackets,dresses, skirts and accessories, but you can also get your customized order inwhat ever you desire. There are lots more, so take a look for your self.

Photography by Peach Berserk

Kingi has been in business since 1987 and herentrepreneurial goals include making clothes and creating beautiful fabric tomeet and capture the taste of her audience. She notes that my goal “is to makethe cutest most amazing clothes and fabric designs.” Kingi Carpenter is also anadvocate of her craft, which has dominated her business career for overthirty-three years screen-printing designswhich she shares with anyone interested in learning the craft of screen-printing through her workshops. In addition, another of Ms. Kingi Carpenter’sgoal is to “teach others how to run their own creative business.” Ms. Carpenteralso works with charities “that means a lot” to her as a way of giving back tothe community and contributing to the development of others. She works with charities that are local as well as international mandate.

Photography by Peach Berserk

By age 24 Kingi knew that she wanted to be acreative entrepreneur. She noted that, “I had ideas and a vision of my ownfashion company and had to see it through.” At that time Kingi was working as awaitress and she knew that she did not belong in that industry hervision was to become a fashion designer. So armed with some knowledge of sewingand design and a willingness to learn all about business management, Kingilaunched her business. In the beginning like so many other women in business,Kingi faced challenges. She points out “my main challenge was, I did not knowanything about business when I started and I had no money;” but in spite ofthese limitations, Kingi was able to overcome her financial situation and wasable to fund her business. She notes that “I basically funded everythingmyself.”  

Photography by Peach Berserk

Peach Berserk has a very simple, “casual structure”without any hierarchies and status-based management structure. According to Ms.Carpenter “we have a very casual business structure everyone does everything, we have no titles.” In the management of PeachBerserk, Ms. Carpenter‘s utilizes business strategies that are unique to her inorder to stand out in the market place. She adopted a creative marketingstrategy, making sure that her “business was different from every one else.”

Photography by Peach Berserk

Ms. Carpenter also sees computer-based technologyas a crucial component to a successful business venture.  She notes thatin business development it is “very important to have a website and socialmedia marketing.” Kingi’s business and personal philosophies are intertwined.She believes that whatever vocation, that one chooses to do, one should have“fun.” Their heart should be central to its growth and successes. She notesthat “have fun, be different and be nice to people ― tryto give to others.”

For most Women in Business, we have two roles ifnot more and those two roles that dominate our lives are the role ofbusinesswoman and parent. Finding ways to find a balance between work andfamily is often a challenge, because we cannot afford to neglect one over theother. It’s really a balancing act, and how we achieve this is crucial to oursuccess. Well, Kingi is no exception.  She has a daughter and in order to dospend quality time with her Kingi’s business is located where she lives. Thisis fortunate for her, but I guess, it’s a reflection of her “creative marketingstrategies.”  Her daughter is also a part of her creative work-team, sothat they have the opportunity to spend as much time as they can with eachother. Traveling is also a part of Kingi’s yearly schedule when she takesvacation “to get away.”
Photography by Peach Berserk

And to women who are entrepreneurs and thosethinking of getting into a business venture, you must heed Kingi’s advise. Shepoints out that you should “be original, don't waste your time doing somethingyou don't enjoy.” There is a great deal of merit in this advice. You must beyou! You cannot imitate someone else and show exceptional creative qualities.

In the next five to ten years, Ms. Carpenter will like to see her business grow which is a dream of many women in business. Growth is a very important goal. Kingi would like to continue doing what she loves as indicated in her response. She will like to continue, “doing what I do, better and better.” Ms. Carpenter would also love to “open a store in Ottawa.” Kingi points out that, “I chose Ottawa because I know it would work. I already have a big following there and it is close enough to manage.  I think it is a big enough city, and the right demographic too.” Kingi was also born in Ottawa, hence her affinity to Ottawa. She adds,  “I just like the city!  I was born there, and have 3 brothers who live there.”

Contact Information:
  • Owner and Manager:  Ms. Kingi Carpenter
  • Name of Business:  Peach Berserk
  • Address and location:  507 Queen St West ONM5V 2B4
  • Email address:  kingi@peachberserk.com
  • Website address: www.peachberserk.com

What’s Happening!
  • You can find Kingi at a Sales Event in Ottawa on Thursday 8th December, 2011
  • You can also take in her Fashion Show on the Ottawa CTV Morning News - - For more details check:www.peachberserk.com

Kingi's Interview with Crafted Spaces

You can also listen to Ms. Carpenter's interview with Crafted Spaces Radio where she shares with the host Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby about Silkscreening Art and Design. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/craftedspaces/2011/09/14/silkscreening-art-and-design

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