How to Develop a Culture of Exporting

Behind the Lens: There is a Light

This week I wish to look at three images, each of which displays an emotional intensity beyond that normally exhibited in a fashion shoot. By focusing in on the single model, the photographers imbue their portraits with a structured elegance and raw intensity that reaches the very apex of human photography. 
From Left: Kate Moss- 1994, Twiggy- 1996, Natalie Portman- 2005

The uniting factor behind these photographs is the power of the models’ eyes. By drawing the viewer into the image in such a way, the photographer is able to project more than simply beauty. What we find in these pictures is the emotional connectivity that existis in all great art. 

W. J. Humphries

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Lips & Hats at Custo Barcelona, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012-2013


Je po desáté večer, a to je ten správný čas položit otázku na tělo. Zabavíte se spíš tenisem nebo hraním s penisem?
Well...It's 10 PM and it is the right time for ask controversial question. What kind of activity do you like most? Playing tennis or playing with penis?


Get a New Perspective While Learning: Look Beyond Borders

As part of Mahatma School's International School Award Program, a group of Swedish students were invited to take part in an interactive session with their Indian counterparts.

The session was designed to toss out perspectives on a variety of subjects, ranging from orphans and street children in India to the effects of tourism on environment.

Here's what resulted at the Global School in Lidingo, Sweden.

Illustration credit here.

At the fashion show, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Fashion Week Fall Winter 2012-2013

A Nook of Simple Quotes: What is Sharing Knowledge?

A Nook of Simple Quotes

Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something, or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action; it is about creating learning processes. ~ Peter Senge
My Thoughts? 
Do you believe in sharing knowledge for the overall development of the wider group?

Share Your Thoughts: It would be great to share your thoughts?

Shared by Dr.Cheryl Cottle
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Rozpoznání zločinců je věcí každého z nás. Obvykle se dají rozeznat podle velkých manžetových knoflíků a podle toho, že nepřestanou jíst, když je vedle sedící člověk zasažen padající kovadlinou. 
[Woody Allen - Vedlejší příznaky]


My Kind of Hometown: Chicago

©Laurel Delaney, 2012, All Rights Reserved, "Hometown Chicago 2012"
Have a great weekend my worldly readers!  And thank you for your readership.

Photo credit:  ©Laurel Delaney

Ever Thought About Going Global?

In case you have been living in a cave, stretch, dust yourself off and come out into the light (the living).

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Vossiusstraat, Amsterdam


Jen já, ty a havajské květy...O tom, že bychom nebyly boží, ani slovo!

The Good and Bad About Globalization

What's the impact globalization has on our world?
It is true that the impact of globalization is visible and affects largely the politics and the economy of the country but its effect on the mindset and the culture is noticeable gradually in the way people think and react. It's like the Iceberg theory wherein what we do and say are at the tip and what we think and believe is at the base. The base is not visible but manifestations at the top are conspicuous. It applies here as well where people do not change abruptly but may be after a decade the change starts showing and seems radical.
Learn more about the pros and cons of globalization here.

Crystal Renn by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Japan

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Americana: Buying Power

This week I caught up with New York based (and recently promoted!) Associate Buyer for NADS Alison Fisherman.  If you think you’re confronted with a lot of choice when shopping in department stores, take a peek through Alison’s well-trained eyes and see what it’s like to make the decisions of what will hit the shelves for you to peruse.

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One Of The Most Beautiful Girl Picture From India

Real Beauty In Black Dress

Anshoka is charming girl belongs from an Industrialist relatives in short he is rich & exquisite girl. He likes dating & chill & lots of fun. He was thing to be serious relation with anyone but he was much confused about this matter. Now he finally decided to make a close mate in her life but he won t directly contact with that person he make him online mate. Will give time to each other later if he found that person reliable & trustful he will certainly get connect with him & they are here to make this feasible for .

Pakistani Cute Girl Saima Rahman In White Salwar And Printed Shirt

Desi Local Pakistani Hot Girl

A new young Pakistani girl age 17 & prepared for an open relationship with lovely person. They sends us her picture & writes there that they is willing to be connecting with someone loving & honest. They belongs from Karachi & student of third year.

They had pretty & charming look. They chooses the net source because they desires to give time her first relationship. They will talk to him understand him & then will make a choice to get relate with that person. They is lovely humble loving & educated girl. They also desires a honest & true person in her life.


Moje šaty jsou neo...čili nové. Jsou Neonové.
My dress is neo...or new. My dress is NEONew

ŠATY / DRESS (H&M - spring collection)

Economic Success Is Dependent Upon Global Collaboration

That's what former President Bill Clinton says.
Delivering the keynote address at the 101st National Retail Federation Big Show, former President Bill Clinton did not shy away from the challenges that businesses face in this economy. In his speech, entitled "Embracing Our Common Humanity," Clinton spoke about the inequality, instability and unsustainable way of life which makes up the world today.
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Red carpet glamour @the 2012 Golden Globe Awards


The 69th Annual Golden Globes 2012 hosted by Ricky Gervais,which held last sunday at The Beverly Hilton was a delight to fashion lovers globally as the celebs, wannabes, nominess and socialities turned up the fashion megawatt as they strutted their stuff on the red carpet. Below are a few favorites of ours, enjoy!

Researching Your Export Markets

Check out the first-part of a six-part course on global trade Wednesday at the Rabobank Regional Business Center.
The three-hour session, “Researching Your Export Markets,” starts at 8 a.m. in the center that serves as headquarters for Coachella Valley Economic Partnership and the iHUB, 3111 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, California, 92262.
Learn more here.

Illustration credit:  RRBC Facebook

Girls will be Boys and Boys will be Girls

The desire for us females to dress the same as our male counterparts appears to have skyrocketed over recent years. From trends such as geek chic to the feminine tux it was hard not to be drawn to the idea of shooting girls and guys wearing similar styles. Fighting it out in the library we have 3 different trends all focussed around the same idea: ANDROGYNOUS DRESSING. C xxx

Photographs: Caroline Ames
Styling: Jess Palay and Caroline Ames
Jay Ashtana
Sophie Sayer
Marcello Cattaneo
Sasha Engelmann
Andrea Bellettato
Leonorre Carron Desrosiers

And with innumerable thanks to Lauren Pringle and Maria Rioumine for letting us use the Oxford Union as the location for the shoot. 

What To Do During An Internet Blackout

Creative America, the entertainment community united against content theft, will tell you what to do during an Internet blackout.  Learn more here and be sure to spread the word.

Illustration:  Creative America logo


Chcete něco povědět? Všechno, co mám na sobě, je z H&M. Doufám, že mě minimálně jeden člověk prokleje a třem jiným to urve žíly. 
Let me tell you something...Every piece of my outfit is from H&M. I hope that at least one person cursed me and three other will have burst of rage.