A Nook of Simple Quotes: The Right Employee is out there . . .

A Nook of Simple Quotes 
Someone outside your organisation today knows how to answer your specific question, solve your specific problem or take advantage of your current opportunity better than you do. You need to find them and find a way to work collaboratively and productively with them. ~ lan Lafley

My Thought:
I found this quote while searching for an appropriate quote to share. I normally share a quote that resonates with me and this one does. I agree that as owners of businesses small or large, if you do not have the right employee to do a job, he or she is out there. Just seek them and recruit them. Make sure that it is not all about you, but about them too. Respect, value them and pay them handsomely for their knowledge and skills.

What are your thoughts? Would you share it? It would be great to know.

Shared by Dr.Cheryl Cottle
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