Women in Business Radio

Women in Business Radio is an initiative of CPC Women in Business, designed to support the development of women entrepreneurship worldwide. Women in Business Radio was first broadcast in December, 2011 and we hope to have it as a weekly broadcast. Dr. Cheryl Cottle is your radio host and the founder and host of an online women entrepreneur group Women in Business on the NING Platform and on Facebook.

Women in Business Radio is dedicated to broadcasting women entrepreneurs from across the globe. It is a space for women in business globally, to share their experiences, challenges, passion, and love for entrepreneurship. Join us as we bring to you some successful strategies that will help you to grow your business into the success that you want and to create the life that will bring you happiness and balance.  
Women in Business Radio is here to inspire, educate, motivate, and empower our listeners and the women in business who are a part of our community. We hope that through our broadcasting you will be able to forge a meaningful, authentic and purpose-driven life with passion, creativity, wealth, and happiness.

Show Time:  Monday 11:00 AM for 30 minutes

  • We cover topics and issues that affect and impact women entrepreneurship
  • Promotion of Women in Business Events including Workshops, Conference, Seminars and Retreats
  • Promotes any new business offerings

You can join us as a stand-alone guest or as part of a focus group.

If you are interested in being a part of our Schedule of Activities please contact me to get onto the Event Roster.

Contact information:
To get onto the show call e-mail me at: drccottle@gmail.com or cheralive@hotmail.com:
To enquire for more information about the show: advertising and sponsoring, e-mail me at:drccottle@gmail.com or at:cheralive@hotmail.com


Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Women in Business Radio