Easter Party

Spring is right around the corner, and for us Portlanders, it is a season most look forward to after a long and harsh winter. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore covering up in a heavy wool coat from H & M, and feeling sexy in a great pair of knee-high boots, but sometimes it is a breath of fresh air to show a little skin. Easter is a favorite spring time holiday of mine, not only for the yummy chocolate Easter eggs, but everything seems so much prettier. I think Japanese garden, outside dinner parties, pretty pastel silks, organza, and flowing cotton dresses. It is all about femininity.

Love these images from Styleslicker.com

Fun and sweet lace lilac dress from Topshop.
Source (Topshop.com)

Stitch and Pleated Toe Pump-$299 Gilt.com

Moto denim Jacket $84 Topshop.com

Quilted Leather clutch-$32 (Topshop.com)
Sheer Knit Maxi-$50 (Topshop.com)