The Prep

Flash back about fifteen years, and I am sitting in the school cafeteria in my hometown of Texas. It is the first day of school and I cannot wait until all my fellow classmates arrive in their outfits. For me, this was the absolute high as a child. Vivid images of short denim and khaki minis, denim to brightly-colored sleeveless button downs tucked in neatly, or sometimes cropped with an ever so slight view of her belly button. Pair this with a burnish braided leather belt, a sleek pony tail that swooshed up and down  Imagining this with over-sized white socks, scrunched down into a classic pair of brown Cole-Haan loafers or K-Swiss sneakers will forever stay embedded in my brain. The prep style, as I remember, was a look I always wished to embody, but never seemed to achieve. Flash forward, and  I want to show how preppy is stylish.
All photos used are from
 Pair a solid blazer over a white blouse, and printed mini. For a preppy look, try these brown wedge loafers.
 Pair a quarter length cotton blouse, with loose fitting shorts for relaxed preppy.
 A simple knit sweater over a loose fitted blouse, Capri jeans, and classic loafers.

A cropped white jacket paired with a loose blouse, and K-Swiss sneakers for cool and preppy.