Byla jsem na lovu. Střílela jsem jako divá, ale jedinou trofejí, kterou disponuji, je tento kožený kabát. Vycpala jsem ho svou maličkostí a nehodlám ho sundat do té doby, než se časem samovolně rozpadne.
I was on a hunt. I shot every moving thing, but the only trophy I have is this leather coat.


Hairless the Insidious Vanity Disease

Hairless the new rave or not?
Vaginageddon! Hilarious word! (lol, so I thought ) When  i read this article on, I laughed so hard my sides ached, and then shrugged it off as an ‘oyibo’ craze;  but then ,it got  me interested enough, to research and find out if this ‘vaginageddon’ as Cheryl Wischhover the writer of the article, aptly terms it, has reached our corner of the world or is just a white woman’s craze/love affair  with vanity.

 Little wonder, I was shocked to discover , that our part of the world is definitely not exempt, if not more riddled with this new social and vanity menace. I mean, the proliferation of vaginal plastic surgery options ,‘Cosmetic Clinics’ springing up all over the major cities,  waxing religiously, rebuilding the vagina box, and going through various painful surgeries and procedures just for what? To keep your man (he will definitely leave, if he is NOT for you no matter what you do) or to defy fate and time(I’ve got news for you lady...YOU CAN’T) , or just plain vanity(which I think it is)?

Am all for keeping healthy, looking, feeling and staying good but never to the extent it determines your self-worth, self-identity or self-confidence, nor to the extent it affects your sex-confidence, desirability or drive. Talk about the ridiculous!  The wise saying that too much of everything is bad is considered a 'wise saying' because it so aptly tell the truth simply without varnish or flourish, so a little healthy hair removal is good, a little surgery can be understood (though i don't believe in cosmetic surgeries and consider it the height of vanity....personal opinion.. lol) but making it the essence of your well-being, beauty, or desirability is taking it too far and considered unhealthy!
Read, enjoy and pass  on to start our own little Muff match in this tiny corner of the world.


There’s been a lot of talk lately about bikini waxing, from the reasons it’s so popular, to the surprisingly young ages that girls start doing it ,But the conversation just got a little louder–and more high brow.

The Atlantic just published an extensive article about Brazilian bikini waxes and the story’s racked up about 300 comments and counting. And London hosted the Muff March this past weekend, to protest the proliferation of vaginal plastic surgery options. We’re obviously in the midst of Vaginageddon here.
There seem to be a few obvious historical points in pop culture that point to who’s to “blame” for the reason female pubic hair is going extinct. The Atlantic traces the timeline nicely: The J. Sisters introduced the US to the Brazilian in the late 80s; Carrie Bradshaw got it all waxed off in an episode ofSATC in 2000; Victoria Beckham declared in 2003 that all girls should take it all off starting at the age of 15; and of course, the porn industry probably started it all in the first place. Playboy started showing less and less bush, and porn movies followed suit. Teeny bikinis and super low-slung jeans were the final nails in the pubic coffin. Which brings us to our current state of hairlessness.

No matter the reason women wax it all off–some believe it’s hygienic or makes sex better–the bottom line is that it’s yet another thing for us to be insecure about. And it’s increasingly younger women who are falling prey to the pressure to have a porn star pudenda. The most disturbing part of the Atlantic article involves college students. The under-30 set gets the most Brazilians–they’ve grown up with the notion that being hairless is the norm, and so have their male peers. And this is where it gets gross.

The Atlantic recounted a story wherein a college boy said “he had never hooked up with a girl who had pubic hair, and would frankly be disgusted to undress a woman and discover a veil of genital fur.” This apparently led a bunch of girls to freak out and wax immediately. And there’s tons of anecdotes about women refusing to go into social situations which might lead to sex when they’re due for a wax. And they have good reason to be worried, because guys are talking about your fuzzy cooch in a not-so-nice way. Per the Atlantic: “It’s not uncommon for a college-aged man to ‘go out of his way’ to make fun of a girl’s pubic grooming habits with his buddies after he’s hooked up with her.” Young guys are watching porn and assuming it’s reality. (Um, they should be fricking happy to get any pussy at all, be it fuzzy or not.)

Women are starting to buck against the notion that they need a so-called “designer vagina” to be considered attractive. Even strippers have started questioning the practice–remember the vagina beauty pageant? The Muff March ladies started protesting the trend of hairless ladyparts (with amazing slogans like “Get Your Mitts Off My Muff”), but expanded their march this year to include the quickly proliferating plastic surgery options. “Lady gardens are not just undergoing topiary, they’re having invasive re-landscaping,” as a flowery editorial in the Guardian puts it. The labia-prettifying plastic surgery industry is booming to the tune of $6.8 million in the US, according to theGuardian. Procedures range from labiaplasty to vaginal tightening and beyond. So not only are younger women feeling insecure, but now older women (who have had babies, etc.) can feel bad about their vag sag.
It’s enough to make you want to put on your granny panties and call it a day.

Micheal Kors Set New Fashion Financial trends.

Micheal Kors Set New Fashion Financial trends in Billions?
Can we get there in Nigeria?

By Millicent Imade Arebun.

Following the trail of Micheal kors, whose record-breaking IPO, WWD reports has proved so successful, that other fashion brands are thinking of going public in hopes of coming close to the company’s $8.97 billion valuation. One wonder, when our designers and the fashion industry of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, will get to record such financial milestones in their labels.  If it took him decades to achieve, then do our designers(Nigeria to be precise) have any hope of seeing the fruits of their labour in their lifetimes?
 After going public at $25 a share, shares of Kors are up over 72 percent so far this year. A secondary offering of 25 million shares, expected to close Wednesday, has the stock priced at $47 a share. In other words, Kors is about to make serious bank–even more than before. At the initial offering, Kors netted himself a cool $117 million and if this secondary offering goes as planned, the designer will realize another $139.5 million. Forbes has estimated the designer’s net worth will reach the billions soon, when the KORS stock price hits $63.25. In other words, we can expect to see Kors’ name on Forbes‘ billionaire list next year.

Indeed there is a bloom in the Nigerian fashion industry and we definitely have a lot indigenous home-grown and foreign-trained creative designer geniuses, but is that enough? Can we really say the Nigerian fashion industry is growing ,when most of our brilliant designers are barely breaking even, not to take of profit? Can the Nigerian financial sector protect these designers, if they decide to go public with their business , taking into cognizance the fact that these same financial institutions finds it extremely difficult to extend loans to said designers plus the  ‘Niaja factor of shortcuts to wealth’ ?
The ability to skirt the line between luxury and accessible luxury is now the magic trick to consumer satisfaction and concurrent sales volume and what I expect our fashion designers and  businesses should glean from this unfolding success story. Fashion is a business and must be treated as such, despite the glitz, glamour and current instant fame accorded to anyone with the money and brains to create an ensemble and call it a collection.

 In Micheal Kors case apparently, the key to their success was, the company’s focus on accessories, which is a higher margin business than apparel, and it’s position as “accessible luxury” in the market.
It remains to be seen if other brands both home and abroad can duplicate this record breaking success in the finance market.



Style & Celebrity Spotlight....Miss K!

Meet the Sexilicious Multi-Talented Curvy Miss K!

Miss k is quickly becoming one of the UK's most popular faces. A multi-talented woman, she has successfully branded herself as Singer/ Songwriter/ Model /Actress / Humanitarian but most of all as an Entrepreneur. Being an International citizen, she was born (Karina Theresa Martinez) to a Caribbean Father & a Spanish Mother who introduced her to the musical sounds of Salsa, Rock & Roll, and Gospel. However, Miss K’s musical influence is as varied as the Hip-Hop sounds coming out of America, to the Caribbean beats of the West Indies, to the more personal influence of her older brother who is an international DJ, DJ Suga Kan'n
After giving a shot at singing on stage at few events and working as a co-host on one of the biggest Caribbean Radio Stations in Paris (96.9fm Tropical radio), she moved permanently to the UK (London City) where she featured on several tracks and eventually was given the opportunity to be part of the open act at a concert for the American Hip Hop group “The Roots”.
Miss K doing it the Nigerian Culture-Fashion way!

In 2008 Miss K Became the first Caribbean face ever to Model for MTN - (one of the largest Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria) the pictures in which she featured in were advertised all year long on billboards, calendars, scratch cards, magazines, and press across Nigeria. Her trip to Nigeria gave her the opportunity to be guest star in several music videos notably “Banging” by Ruggedman and “No be Small thing” by Ayzee Yo featuring Tuface amongst a few others. And most recently in "Nubian Queen" by BigBoy. Miss K’s passion for giving back and making a difference is evident in her humanitarian work as she has helped raise awareness and funds for "Green Nigeria" creating a better tomorrow for the children of Africa......

Captain Miss K
2009 saw Miss K’s versatility, as she branched into Acting in a new TV sitcom called “ Night Life ” for a London community project soon to be aired on BEN Television UK. But her long wished dream is to appear in a Nigerian Movie.

2010, looked bright .The beginning of the year had Miss k gracing the covers of a Few African Magazines for instance ModeMen January issue, Movietainment Magazine  Feb Issue, and Runway Magazine March Issue et al.
In March -Miss-k Became the First ever face for fine Handmade Jewellery Company PTB , having proven herself to be what PTB represents, Fresh, Fabulous and FUNKY! 
April - saw her to become a Presenter for Fashion show Organised by "Jelly Me" PR.
In June- Miss k was contracted to appear as one of the Head Models in the African fashion show representing Nigeria, organised by the Nigerian High Commission at the Excel Centre.
July -Miss-k became a Judge for a pageant show Titled:"Miss Elegant”, which was filmed and aired on BEN TV channel 184..In the UK.

Miss K Dominating the covers of African Press
In 2011, Miss-k packed her bag for a Promotional Tour in Nigeria Africa for a 3 months Period. Her latest projects includes a song specially made for charity, which reflects the love she got for Africans and Africa. The Charity Single is Titled : "Stand up for Afrika". A live Soul Acoustic Version, Dedicated to the Motherland, talking about the richness which Africa holds. It has now reach availability all over Nigeria on MTN &ZAIN networks for phone ring tones and caller tunes, but will soon be released on I-tunes, Rhapsody, Amazon et al.

This NEW YEAR 2012 however, the Social landscape will warningly embrace one of, African descent from the Diaspora, none other the lovely Mercurial and multi-talented blonde bomb-shell, singer and Plus size Model, Miss-k.

Miss K 2012 Calender
 Besides the large heart which she possesses, she also has a landmark package & gift she desires to offer Nigerians and the women most especially, in 2012. This she contends, goes beyond the exhibition of goodwill at Christmas but will be memorable and will impact on the future of the lives of Nigerians.
She says Nigerians should wait patiently for this gift and the unveiling of her forthcoming single.

She however is not entirely new to the Nigerian social landscape and Celebrity events scene; her lovely visage adorned, one of the earliest billboards advertising MTN, the leading mobile Telecommunications companies services. On  her last visit to Nigeria, her attendance at one Red carpet event prompted the new headline and attention grabbing picture & captions of the AFRICAN MARILYN MONROE , such as was seen, in many a social blog on the internet, news sites and printed local news paper. 

Miss K on Flytime Tv at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012 Lagos

Miss K with Mr Nduka Founder Arise Magazine and Organizer AMFW 2012 Lagos
Provocatively sensual and sexy is about what sums up this musical Divas, physical accouterments. From observation, following an investigation of her social experience and other musical and on stage accomplishments, she definitely can and will move mountains in the entertainment and humanitarian scene. Coined more appropriately from her own lips in reference to her recent picture profiling on the internet blog, she say’s,....“Well, they haven't seen anything yet, am  putting all my ‘ass-sets’, out to positive service for Africans and humanity.” 

With this, we can surely say that Miss K is on her way. Like many she has BIG Dreams,  trying her best to reach each and every GOALS she set herself to achieve & always strive for more. Hence, this serves to water our appetites as connoisseurs of good things, as to what will be on offer this New year and beyond
Miss K at the AMFW 2012 Lagos
Miss K posing for my Camera at the VIP lounge at AMFW 2012 Lagos

For more info on Miss-k check out her fab blog on WWW.MISSKMUSIC.BLOGSPOT.COM


  Source:  Bloomberg.

U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin on Wednesday began conducting a trial without a jury on Gucci’s infringement claim in  Manhattan. Gucci America Inc., the maker of luxury clothing and accessories, told a federal judge that Guess Inc (GES)’s products, infringe Gucci’s trademarked designs.

Gucci, a unit of Paris-based PPR (PP) , sued in 2009 claiming that Los Angeles-based Guess was selling items in stores and online with logos that are “studied imitations of the Gucci trademarks.” The trademarks include a green and red stripe design, a square G, the designer’s name in flowing script and a diamond pattern with repeating interlocking G’s, according to Gucci’s court filings.

“It’s about a massive, complicated scheme to knock off Gucci’s best-known and iconic designs,” Louis Ederer, Gucci’s lawyer, told the judge today. The company claims that $221 million worth of Guess products infringed Gucci designs.
Guess said in court papers that Gucci can’t claim infringement because it “sat on its rights” for at least seven years before suing. Guess also said Gucci’s surveys failed to prove that consumers would be misled by the designs.

Daniel Petroceli a lawyer for Guess, said in his opening remarks that of 1,495 Guess products Gucci claimed were infringing, 99 percent “could never be confused with Gucci.”
“The numbers don’t add up,” Petrocelli said. “If there was a scheme, it failed miserably.” He said many Guess products sell for less than $100 and are geared toward young women who can’t afford luxury goods, like Gucci’s, which can sell for thousands of dollars.
Gucci is seeking monetary damages and other assessments totalling more than $124 million, according to court papers. Defendants also include Marc Fisher Footwear, Guess’s exclusive licensee for footwear, the Max Leather Group and Swank Inc. (SNKI)

“There was neither an intent to copy nor an intent to deceive,” Darren Saunders, a lawyer for Marc Fisher, said in his opening remarks today. The trial is expected to last at least two weeks.
The case is Gucci America v. Guess Inc., 09-4373, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

Bright Colours, Paris

A Hat, Amsterdam

Pinched Feet Menace

Monalisa Chinda

I love shoes! Whenever I see anyone looking good, I look at their shoes. In another life, I must have being a shoe collector since am so crazy about them.  Being a shoe person has made me a feet person and this fascination with all things footwear, made me stumble on a new menace in our style world, that if not curbed, could wreck havoc, not only on our style but our health as regards to feet.
This menace is called ‘pinched feet’. It’s amazing the amount of pinched weeping feet you see parading the red carpets, malls, offices, religious houses and even schools these days. Knowing and buying the right size of shoes is as critical or important as knowing which type of shoe to buy or pair with any ensemble you have on. Fact is, buying shoes that are just a tiny bit too small or large can be the single factor that will course you to end up in the papers/magazines under the fashion victims column. Here are four simple guides to ensure you aren’t guilty of the sin of pinched feet.

·         Take time out today to go to your favourite boutique and find out your correct shoe size.

·         Never give in to the urge to buy any shoe that’s a size to large or small, for the myth of shoe horns/pads are untrue. If it is not your size, you will only look ridiculous and wobbly on it, not to talk of the unsightly, knotty, vein riddled, pinched feet you will have.

·         Pamper you feet because they deserve it, for they bear the weight of your entire body. Invest your time/money in pedicures, foot massages, painting your toes, moisturizing them, et al.

·         I know, the sex is in the heels but walking all day in high stilettos is impractical, so invest in heels  with platform soles that won’t sprain your ankles or hurt your toes if you stay on them too long.


Nse Ikpe Etim

Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, Paris



Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris


 Kdo nemá alespoň jeden kousek oblečení z Lindexu, jako by ani neLINDEXistoval. Takže mi poraďte zda tohle koupit či nekoupit. 
If you have no piece of clothing from Lindex, it's like you never LINDEXisted. 

[Photos from Holly & White presentation in Lindex showroom]

Old Spitalfields Market...



By Millicent Arebun

Flipping through fashion magazines, have you ever wondered why the cover girl and other models scattered across the pages, look so perfectly flawless, especially their faces? Well, I have wondered, researched, and came to the startling discovery that, pulling off the flawless look is all about perfect eye makeup application, in particular, the lashes.
Long Lush lashes are considered a sign of femininity in some cultures till date, little wonder, the correct lash makeup application is vital, to ensuring a flawless ultra feminine look / face. Applying makeup to your lashes is simple but tricky, for any mistake can result in disaster, so from your friendly genie, here are some fast/simple application tips that you just can’t fail with.

Applications Tricks

#1.   Choose first a quality mascara that has volume and lengthening qualities, then apply with your brush starting from the base. Wriggle or roll your wand so that the bristles can catch as many lashes as possible , then pull toward the tips. This causes your lashes to be fully stretched out.

#2.  Recoating twice for natural lashes is great but for faux lashes no more than three coats so as not to have heavy clumpy looking lashes. For both natural or faux ensure each layer is completely dry before recoating .

#3.  After drying, brush through with a lash brush that isn’t dipped in mascara to separate lashes and remove clumps.

#4. Eye lashers curlers are perfect for opening the eyes, adding volume and making your lashes appear longer

Tip : faux lashes are great but its best you try and grow yours by applying eyelash creams and conditionerswhich will treat and grow your lashes in a matter of months, because ‘natural absolutely trumps faux anytime’.

Saturday Afternoon Walk, Amsterdam

Needlekraft Couture Debuts Its Fashion Show Tagged ‘Runway Revolution’ This Saturday!

Fully ready and equipped to revolutionise the Fashion Industry, the show is fully loaded with activities that will ensure there is never a dull moment. There will be runway session by local and international models tagged ‘Runway Revolution’  and celebrity catwalks featuring A-list celebs like Karen Igho, Ini Edo, Oge Okoye, Uche Jombo, Monalisa Chinda, Shan George, Mercy Johnson,  Sophia Chikere, Emem Isong &Yvonne Ekwere. Musical performances will be hosted by Tiwa Savage, Yinka Davies, Goldie, Jhybo, KSB, Explicit & Kween and comedy by the veterans Okey Bakassi and Mandy.
Star hosts for this event are Uti Nwachukwu & Ashionye Ugboh of Tinsel.
According to Tese Onokala, CEO of Needlekraft Couture, the Needlekraft Fashion Show is a platform to demonstrate the beauty and wide applicability of the local prints; from dresses to pouches, to handbags to bangles, all made with our local fabrics and beautiful to behold “We are creating to show case our 2012 Styles collection, but most importantly, we are holding this fashion show to make a statement – that we have rich heritage in our local prints/fabrics.”
Supporting the event are, DJ Jimmy Jatt on the music box, K Square for security, Paul Obazele (President, Association of Movie Producers) on video production, Laredo on catering, Charvet group, makers of power Horse & Kissmix on drinks, House of Tara & Divine looks for makeup, Mnet, SoundCity & STV  for media coverage, SLOT systems for raffle draw prizes and many more. The show will definitely be one of its kind.
Date: Saturday 24th March, 2012
Time: 3 PM
Venue: Balmoral Events Center, 98 Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja
Ticket Prices: Regular N10,000 | VIP N20,000 | VVIP N50,000
Ticket Reservations: Tastee Fried Chicken Outlets | Needlekraft Couture, Ikeja | Balmoral Hall, Ikeja | Bheerhugz Cafe, Ikeja City Mall, Alausa
Contact: For more info & general enquiries
Call 07055755555

LPM Adds Beauty & Health Theme To This Month Edition

The LPM is charting new course in shopping history as they add a new theme to this month edition tagged “Health & Beauty” themed edition. In their words........ ''The month of February has come and gone with another successful LPM under our belts. Rogue Couture, Tote, Maju and the delectable frozen yoghurt by Sweet Kiwi are just a few brands that graced our stalls.
March promises our loyal shoppers a very well deserved pamper package; The Health & Beauty Edition. Massages, mini manicures, pedicures, make up tutorials and an overwhelming eclectic dose of health & beauty products that will make you sing for joy!
We all know shopping can get a bit hectic, despite our love for beautiful clothes and accessories. Thus the LPM team have decided to offer you a luxurious shopping experience. If you feel tired from all the shopping, let our on-site masseuse loosen some of those stubborn knots and make your shopping experience stress-free.
Do you love the smoky eye look but end up looking like you’ve been in a boxing match? (Don’t worry, this happens to the very best of us)- well, have no fear, our professional make-artist will give tutorials on whatever make up questions you may have.
It’s always a plus to look good but it’s more important to feel good first. The LPM March Health & Beauty Edition is the best thing you can do to your body this month. Bring your friends, mothers & girlfriends along for what we promise to be the ultimate shopping experience.
Vendor List
OurS By Juliada | House of Tara | Sacred Artistry Lash and Brow Bar | ZARA | Denaki Lingerie | Vintage Colette (MTNLFDW Young Designer of the Year 2011) | U-Kama | City Chic | Toseki Vintage | Mariam Moussa | 87 Couture | Sally Bawa | Cute Kingdom | Sucree | Dreshoes | Le Duchess Shoes | Mak Nisy | Odirin Beads | Tira Patisserie
Date: Sunday 25th March 2012
Time: 12 Noon – 7 PM
Venue: L’Espace, 19a Olosa Street, off Karimu Kotun, Victoria Island, Lagos
Contact:For more info and general enquiries
Log on to their Blog – LPM Blog
Check out their Facebook Page

Blue Beanie, Paris

Colour story...

I love looking at how others curate our work >>>

Floral Scarf, Paris

The Bow, Amsterdam

Frogs and princes
By centjerry

Have you heard the sage saying that eavesdropping is uncool, for you just might hear what you don’t like? Well I think its not entirely true, because you just may glean a startling revelation about yourself from what you hear. There I was, innocently sitting, licking caramel flavored ice cream off my lips after watching a movie at the Silverbird Cinemas when I happened to overhear a conversation, that exasperated me so much that I lost my sweet tooth.  It was a different version of the same old story of girl meet frog prince, frog walks all over girl because girl is too chicken to demand what she want and live with the consequences if he refuses to play ball.

The growing rate of ladies stuck in dead-end relationships, is directly proportional to the growing jaded outlook, age and cowardice of our women folks, both young and old. This is alarming to say the lest; where is the dignity in being with a loser (That one who makes you feel like nothing, so he can feel like something) or commitment phobic male who says he loves you but think you are an air head and don’t have anything worthwhile to say. Or the one that destroys your self esteem systematically by being serially unfaithful,  while you wait on him hand and foot? Where is the love in a relationship that is as old as a teenager and still he is stalling because his family suddenly don’t like you despite the fact that you have being  an unofficial member of the family for years?                                

The unbecoming slogan that ‘you have to kiss, lots of frogs to find your prince’ is a typical example of what I tag  ‘frog prince Craze’, which  make intelligent forward thinking ladies retard to door mats with a blazing slogan inscribed on it saying ‘Hurt Me’.  I know that we all want the security of love and marriage, to make us feel whole and that’s how it should be, but on the journey to find our prince we don’t have to lose or hide who we are (intelligent, passionate, hurt, happy, angry,etc) in the process.

Did you ever wonder, if your frog was too bored with your ‘YES’ personality to make the effort to turn into the prince he truly is? little wonder, our men complain that as soon as the ring has been placed on our little fingers, we metamorphose into monsters. It’s high time, we take a long look at ourselves, our relationships and our reasons for been in it, with the glaring lights of truth, then make a decision to turn a new leaf,  for you deprive and cheat not only yourself but your partner by been less than who you are. In some ways  it’s as worst as been unfaithful to him, for you reserve the best part of yourself for your friends and family while giving him a shadow of what you can be. The ugly truth is that even when we make ourselves doormats or mould ourselves into what he think he wants, what we fear the most inevitable still occurs,….he walks out the door, so then why live with the self disgust? 

Take a chance today and be yourself, I guarantee it will produce just one result…..which is….. flush out the toads in your life and usher in your true prince.
Till we meet again…..

Trends Watch/ Runway Report

Mai Atafo  presents: African City Slicker 
By Millicent Arebun

Mai Atafo was very much the man of the moment as his label’s collection, presented at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos 2012 drew gasp of sheer delight, envy, standing ovation and simple pleasure. His use of colours that explodes and yet beguile the senses, the detailing of the pieces, practicality, functionality and sophistication of his designs, made the entire men collection a pleasure to watch and a delight to own. Chatting with him backstage amidst the congratulatory hugs and  general goodwill, this is what he has to say concerning his stunning collection aptly termed the ‘African City Slicker’

What is the name of the collection you presented at the AMFW 2012 Lagos

The collection was called ‘African City Slicker’

Tell us all about it?
Ooh, it all about a week in the life of an African big boy. What you see him wear to work, travel with, go to the beach with, and wear to different kinds of functions in the week. Basically a full week wardrobe.

Everyone knows you are a man of colours but in an industry where colours are now the norm , your colours still manage to be different and outstanding, what’s the secret?

Everyone is now doing colours, so I thought if am to keep the edge I have to do something different in my colours. Everyone is going for white, red, yellow and so on , so I went for strong colours that are a bit  more subtle. I used Rust, leafy green, basically colours that people normally won’t gravitate towards but colours that men can wear, there was also the normal black and white and some bold statement pieces  in the black palette.

We saw a little something different from your collection this year which is the Ankara fusion  on your suit, tell us more about that?

That was meant to be give a little pop of colour at the end of the day. When you see the Ankara waist coat lining, that will bring and give you the necessary pop that you need as African, besides they say Ankara is our own fabric, so I sort of fused it with the suit to bring it back home.