A.F Vandevorst FW 2012/13

The amazing collection of A.F. Vandevorst was so to die for. I am in love with this design duo for always presenting their fashions in unique and interesting ways. Models were covered from head-to-toe in crisp black blazers, one-hand leather gloves, and knee-high platforms.Vandevorst always manages to make their clothing look so sharp, and each piece is incredibly well-tailored. You couldn't see any of the models' faces, as they were hidden behind fedora hats and over-sized scarves. There were a few pops of color here and there; a pink silk dress that was belted at the waist, and a blue-green silk blouse worn over black tights, but the color palette was mainly dark colors of black and gray. My absolute favorite a piece was the lace body-suit, worn under a blazer.. Have a look:)

Source (style.com)