Big Bang Theory

As a fashion enthusiast, I feel inspired by new things all the time; cool and never before heard of underground music, interesting song lyrics, lavish pastries staring back at me at my local bakery, ice-cream in a cone, modern architecture, my pink and black polka-dot cotton dress from Red-Light Clothing Exchange, an array of beautiful fabrics, and the list goes on. Keeping the same old routine can get pretty boring, and make us feel dull and tiresome. It's only healthy to change things up a bit, and keep getting inspired! The same goes for our style. For those who have been wearing the same blue t-shirt you bought from Target, or sporting the same hairstyle from 1998, it is probably time for a new look.
Getting a fabulous haircut can completely transition how we look, and can totally boost our self-confidence. I know something so tiny can seem silly, but trust me, it can make a HUGE difference.. Bangs are a great and easy change, and you can style them to fit your mood.

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Bangs cut straight across, but still choppy effect. Makes you look modern and feminine.

Longer bangs parted in the center, and swept to each side. This gives an effortless look, but still chic.

Fuller bangs that are swept from the back to the front make you look more playful and flirty.

The curled bangs- A 50's retro style that still looks elegant.

This look definitely makes a statement! It screams sexy and bold.

Love Irina's bang look here at Milan Fashion Week-She has the come-hither look. Sweet & natural.