The Pencil Skirt

There is something incredibly fascinating and mysteriously sexy about a classic pencil skirt. This was probably one of the first skirts I owned as a teenager, but I always had so much fun with it. You can dress it up in so many ways.  You get to be sexy and flirty without showing too much skin.. A lot of women have a wrong interpretation of the pencil skirt; it's either not sexy enough, looks too much like a grandma, or makes me look boring, maybe too sophisticated, like I'm headed for the cubicle. This is so not true! Sometimes a little less skin can be much sexier, and it's all about fit of course, not to mention diversity. The pencil skirt can look lady-like, casual, sex-kitten, 50's retro, futuristic, or whatever you want..!
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For a fun and flirty look, mix and match colors and prints.
Bright red pumps can give your look some volume without being too over-the-top.

The silk skirt and sheer blouse give it an older, classic feel.

This cherry colored-pencil skirt mixes beautifully with a cashmere top and platform loafers.

Primary colors definitely make a statement in this outfit.

This is such an effortless look- Could easily go from day to night.

This is perfect for going to any party. Keeping it simple, but very sexy with a strapless top.

One of my favorite designers, Nina Ricci presents her A/W Pre-Fall Looks: