Summer Youth

One of my favorite childhood memories would have to be ransacking my grandmother's closet, trying on all of her floral dresses, silk button-downs, and over-sized costume jewelry. I was always so fascinated with her clothes. I loved being able to play a character, because that's what clothes do for me. I did by any means  need to be decked out in her fanciest party dress to feel made-up. I could be lounging in a simple t-shirt and baggy pants, but still feel in the moment of being fashionable. I have always loved the thought of dress-up; having my girlfriends over, mixing and matching our clothes, and raiding each others closets.
Cutting up a pair of my denim jeans, or shortening a long skirt was something that became very familiar to me. After the winter season, we're all ready to get rid of our long coats and knit sweaters, right? I know I was always ready for something fresh and new!
This collection is very feminine, and reminds me very much of my childhood; mixing and matching with what you have in your wardrobe. Lots of floral prints, denim cut-offs, basic cotton t-shirts, over-sized plaid shorts, and cropped blouses. 
Check out Current/Elliott's S/S 2012 lookbook. This totally brings me back to my childhood of wearing simple clothes, but still wanting to fashionable.. Source (