10 Most Influential Moments in Fashion

10. The Little Black Dress

 Chanel's Original feature in American Vouge
Miranda Kerr
 Marilyn Munroe
Anne Hathaway

The little black dress made its debut appearance in 1926 when Chanel unveiled it to the public. Until then Black had been a colour only associated with funerals and death. Women walking the streets in black dresses became a symbol of national mourning for all the men lost in the first world war and the later spanish influenza. This made "The little black dress" even more revolutionary Chanel's choice to alter the dress making it sleeveless and cutting it above the knee meant it could be worn to formal occasions at night and casual functions during the day. It is considered by most women today to be a wardrobe essential and has managed to survive the ages due to an timeless elegance typical of Chanel during the 20's. The dress has been a constant feature on red carpets for almost a century now exhibited by some of Hollywood's best known starlets.