5 Festive Street Style Looks

The weather is getting colder and the holidays are only days away. It is almost time to layer up and head out! If you are having trouble sorting out what to wear during the holiday season, the best place to find inspiration is on fashion blogs. Here are 5 festive looks from some of our favorite style bloggers:
1. Holiday Work Party
bangstyle.com  fashion  5 Festive Street Style Looks
This look is perfect for a holiday work party. The glittery skirt and high heels add sex appeal to an otherwise conservative look. Best of all, this look is flattering on any shape. Style Scrapbook blogger, Andy always puts together fashionable looks. Visit Style Scrapbook for more inspiration.
2. Casual Holiday Shopping
bangstyle.com  fashion  5 Festive Street Style Looks
If you are like most people, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to get presents for friends and family. This doesn’t mean you have to skimp on fashionable attire. Flats are essential when you are doing serious holiday shopping. A bright coat and patterned scarf can make any outfit effortlessly enviable. British blogger, Kate, presents the perfect shopping look above.
3. Ugly Sweater Party
bangstyle.com  fashion  5 Festive Street Style Looks
Wearing an ugly sweater doesn’t mean your whole outfit needs to be ugly. Matching a wacky sweater with a sexy LBD like Lindsey (above) can help you stand out at a friend’s party. (Shopping tip: the best place to shop for a Christmas sweater is always a thrift store.)
4. The Extended Family Gathering
bangstyle.com  fashion  5 Festive Street Style Looks
When it comes to seeing your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins, it’s best to keep the outfit conservative and simple. You may be the black sheep, but the family gathering is not the place to let your freak flag fly. A simple sweater and jeans is the best way to stay in your family’s good graces until next holiday season. Pavlina’s look above is a great way to dress for these annual reunions.
5. New Year’s Eve
bangstyle.com  fashion  5 Festive Street Style Looks
These DIY sparkle shoes are perfect for a New Year’s look. Style blogger Jo Ellen created these wild shoes by using gold glitter an Jeffrey Campbell’s 99 shoe. Whenever you wear glitter shoes, make sure you pair them with a muted black dress. An LBD and some galaxy shoes? Bring on the New Year!