6. Anna Wintour changing the face of Vogue.

Madonna's First controversial Vogue cover
Anna Wintour

Throughout the 1980s Vogue had been slowly losing it's credibility and following. Sales were down and the magazine's future was looking bleak. Anna Wintour accepted the position of Editor in Chief in 1988 she breathed new life into the magazine. She returned it to its former glory returning the focus to high fashion, she realised Vogue was not there to be used as a gossip magazine or a lifestyle magazine. It was a beacon of hope in the fashion world, Vogue was the olive branch between the glamourous world of high fashion and the everyday consumer.  One of her most controversial decisions was changing the cover of Vogue from strictly models to include celebrity's this set off a huge fuss in the fashion world but as her strategy started to work with Vogue taking off at the Newstand the industry slowly got in place behind her. Madonna being the first celeb on the cover was describe to Wintour by a following Editor as "not Vogue material" within days sales had shot up 40%. It is Wintour's perfectionist attitude and amazing work ethic that has kept her in such a high role for so long. The 2006 comedy, "The Devil Wears Prada" is supposed to be inspired by the ice queen herself but then again if you were solely in charge of producing Fashions Bible you may be a bit of a perfectionist yourself. Either way she has made high fashion accessible to the consumer in a way never done before. Anna Wintour has been an inspiration to fashion writers everywhere.