7. Schipiarelli - Surrealism
 Original surrealism design
Betsy Johnson

Elsa Schipiarelli is one of the few people who truly carved the fashion world. Her career began in the 30's from a small boutique. She can only be described as iconic and her work set the way for many big designers like Betsy Johnson and even Gucci's recent summer collection. She loved infusing her designs with a sense of well, nonsense. It was almost as if it was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Like fastening a blouse with silk - covered carrots and cauliflowers, or decoration with lobster print. Her work, mainly inspired by Salvador Dali, took simple frocks a turned them into something the world had never seen. To put it simply she gave birth to the whole psychedelic hippy look. Basically she took the philosophy think outsisde the box and said if your still trying to think outside the box your still trapped in it.