Makeup Trends

Each year has its flow and this year is not an exception. The year of 2012 is all about two completely different looks. Fall and winter 2011 was all about neutrals, and some of that will be spilling over into the Spring/Summer of 2012.  For spring and summer the look is all about a natural, glowing look. It will be full of smudged eyeliner, rosy cheeks, and barely there lips.
Fall and winter get to go in a completely different direction. This year, it’s all about the eyeliner. Expect gorgeous winged out eyes and bold, jewel tone colors. But, the biggest trend will be most seen with eyeshadow. And 2012 is bursting with colors. Now is that time to reach for those blue eye shadows, fire truck red lipsticks and intensely pink blushes.
The year 2012 is about highlighting your facial features with shades. From everything to colored eyeliner to a touch of color in the inner corner, color is back! Below are some trends you can play around with to make a look that is completely your own.

Spring/Summer Glow

With summer just around the corner, you want to look like you have sun kissed cheeks—even on a cloudy day. The warmer season brings warm, luminous faces with just a hint of color. Many of the runway shows, featured models with a healthy flush to the cheeks as if they had just been outside. Achieve the same healthy coloring by going for more light pink, peachy pink or apricot blushes.
For that extra glow, use a touch of bronzer that has a little shimmer. If you prefer matte blushes and/or bronzer, add that hint of glow with a highlighter. If you want your cheeks to be the center of attention, then pair this trend with neutral eyes and lips and it will look like you just had fun outdoors. On well moisturized skin, peach and bronze are what made this gorgeous look a favorite, dubbing it the “sporty cheeks”.

Rock Those Red Lips

Red lips are the talk of the town this year. The reds range from blue-based (cool reds) to warm reds. There is no limitation too as to the finish. Choose between a matte lipstick or go all out with one that is super glossy. The idea here is to draw attention to kissable lips.
If you’re a bit shy about donning a daring red, that is not a problem. Go for more muted reds that give you soft rosy lips instead. You can also opt to use sheerer lip glosses than lipsticks, or you can dab the lipstick instead of swiping it across the lips to get that soft wash of color. Pair your bold lips with neutral make up on the eyes and cheeks and you are good to go.

Eyeliner Trends

The latest eyeliner trend features a double flick at the outer corner of the eye. This gives the traditional cat eye liner a twist. Play around by making the bottom flick thicker than the upper one or use another color on the upper flick. If you are up to it, you can even extend the flick as far out as you are comfortable with or use colored liquid liners for a more fearless look.

Colorful Smokey Eyes

This trend veers away from the traditional black, gray and brown smokey eyes and goes for navy blue, deep purple and green, and silver. Using a color of your choice, it is smoked up almost until the brow and the color on the lower lid is brought a little lower than usual. Experiment with smoking the color out first until you find the right intensity for you. Pair it with neutral lips and cheeks and you are ready for a night out.

Full, Lush Eyebrows

Pack up your tweezers and cool down those wax warmers because full, natural brows are in this year. Known as the “power brow”, this striking and feminine look can be achieved with brow powder, pencils, or with simply styling your brows by brushing them upwards. Using a brow gel can help hold not only the color but the shape of the brows as well.

Be Yourself

Whichever trend you pick just remember that you do not necessarily have to follow them as seen on the runway. Tweak them to suit your features and so that you are comfortable with it. Remember that these trends are guides, not rules and you are the boss of your makeup. So, whether you want to make a bright and bold statement with your look, or just be your natural and beautiful self… this is the year for you!