Style Exclusive with Miss K .

StyleExclusive with Miss K, the Artist, Model, Humanitarian and Fun Loving stylequeen!
Already profiled on this blog, thissexilicious, fun loving bundle of talent need no introductions. Suffix to saythat she is a plus size model, artist, humanitarian and raw bundle of energy,jet setting over the world , while doing what she does best; which is havingfun while working hard. In a bid to unravel the mystery surrounding hercheerful persona, Millarefashion cajoled an interview out of her. See excerptfrom the interview below and never-viewed-before exclusive photos of Miss Kbehind-the-scene shoot photo from MAKOKO Village Lagos Nigeria.

Inspiration/ motivation?
I am not the kind of person thatwouldn't go against what I like to do in life, and would never want to live mylife being frustrated for doing a job i do not want or like to do. I believethere is one life, and we only got one shot at it, so might as well makeit worth my while. I love life, I love people, I love the mother Earth but mostof all I love God and believe there is a purpose to why he has put me on thisEarth so I follow my path and just hope to reach and conquer each and everygoal I set for myself. When you talk about Inspiration, life in general inspiresme. You take a look around and you know there are new things to achieve but Iwon’t lie, my biggest inspiration has to be my mother and my grand mothers. Iam so much like them. I believe in myself and in my ability in doing things andmaking things happen one way or another. Hard work is the key and seeing thosewomen working hard before my eyes from generations to generations and achievingthings in their life, has been the greatest inspiration. Beside that, I havealways looked up to people that made a difference in this world, whether in theindustry or not, like Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi, MotherTheresa, Nelson Mandela, Mohamed Ali. There are so many inspirationalpeople to inspire you from; they inspire me to want to leave a good legacybehind me before I disappear from the face of this Earth.
Why fashion/music for you?
Those too, have always been my first big LOVE. Being a creative person this iswhat I was always drawn to, even as a child. Let just say it was my Destiny! Thetruth of the matter is that, I simply adore and enjoy what I do because itcomes with ease and the most minimal efforts. I do get that as a compliment alot, but I also do it because I love doing it period. Let's notforget am also good at doing what I do but always humble enough to learneveryday from people who surround me, just so I can better my game. 
What made you focus your humanitarian sights on Africa?
Being Afro-Caribbean Myself, I could certainlynot forget where I came from and therefore try to help any kind of ways where helpis needed, for instance Africa. I'm just trying to be a Goodwill Ambassadorfor Africa in general, whether is has to do with Health care or water; I justdo my little bits. whether it's helping charities, good causes or to help the less privileged, I always make time and take it very seriously and always try my best to standup for Africa and Africans with Love.

Challenges / joys ofbeing a plus size model?
Very-very busy, I hardly sleep, but still always try to get enough hours of sleepto keep my good looks going...(laughs)…but on a serious note...well, I’mexcited because 2012 looks so amazing already. I get real busy, but i prefer itthis way because it like being occupied. Besides and I can’t complain for itallows me to travel too.  It’s all good...pleasureand hard work!
Do you have an album out yet?
Being focused on modelling for a while now, am now focusing onreleasing something very soon to embellish your ear drums. I have mylatest projects which includes a song specially made for charity that reflectsthe love I have for Africa. The Charity Single is Titled: "Stand up forAfrika"..but  am so about tosurprise everyone,  I’ve  got a few tricks under my sleeves that isgoing to be leaving a few speechless...
Behind-the-scene shoot photo from MAKOKO Village Lagos Nigeria by Micheal  Akini

What's Fashion to you?
Fashion represents who you are, itrepresents your moods, whether high or lows, and it's what works foryou. The clothe don't wear you, you wear the clothes, you are the onein control of your body, So if you decide to wear somethingdifferent, own it and be confident about it. You never know, you might juststart a new trend right there. Whenever you desire to make a fashion statement,you take a risk, which might turn into your advantage at times or might not atothers times. Regardless fashion should bring a smile to your face, that's justhow I see it; you should be happy to dress up and favour what God gave you, forinstance, your Body shape. Whether you have curves or not, just emphasize onyour best body parts, so the ones you don't like so much won’t get so muchattention.
Fave brand: Love mesome CD, LV, and surely some YLS, specially Bathing suit from Monif C. I also like some normal brands; I just go towards things that works for meand my body shape.
Fave fragrance: I love strong fragrances, for I love to make an entrance whenI walk somewhere and a perfume helps you do just that. Right now in myfragrance corner, you can find a few, such as Angel, Alien from Thierry Mugler, X from JP Gaultier, Curious from BSpears, Baiser du Dragon from YSL, Cashmire from Chopar and so  on. Lol.
Fashion addiction:  Ilove my shoes! Am addicted to shoes! Matter of fact I just got myself a new pairof High Heels mini Black boots yesterday and I love them to bit. They were callingmy name as soon as I saw them, so I couldn't resist.
Fashion peeves: Well like many things, Fashionis a risk that you have to take with yourself, every morning when youwake up, so I don't really have any peeves.  I feel people create their fashion, what Imight not like on some, might work for others and vice versa.

Fashion accessory you can't travel without: Loves my corsets, for, no matter what your weight is, it gives youa miraculous shape. Also got to love my shoes, love my high heel, my red soles and my  wedges. Wouldn’t travel without them for any reason.
Beauty routine:  I always wash my face before going to bed.Always remove my make-up, no matter how tired I am. I moisturise faceand body every morning ,and for my body I usually love touse Tahitian Monoi Oil, which gives a glow to my skin but also smellswonderfully plus I can use it in my hair occasionally.
 What in the works for2012?
Well, you can expect some wonderful things coming your way soon! My "standup for afrika" RINGTONE AND CALLERTUNES is already available but verysoon exclusive pictures of myself will be available for download, somemore Tv-radio interviews, few Magazines exclusives, and ‘like James brown useto sing’ .. lots of sugar and spice to your soul to make you feel good comingstraight from Miss k...(laugh)

Behind-the-scene shoot photo from MAKOKO Village Lagos Nigeria by Micheal  Akini