9. "Twiggy's Mini"

In the 1950s women were expected to dress as there mothers had done. This of course was very conservative however as women's independence grew as did the fashion. Mary Quant was a London Designer and although she cannot be accredited to inventing the Mini Skirt, John Bates of John Varon actually premiered it in his 1959 runway, Mary can be said to have mad the Mini Skirt popular. She used cheap materials and stuck to a simple design creating a less is more approach to the new trend. The Mini Skirt took the fashion world shook it up and landed it on a totally different planet, it truly captured the national mood of the sixties. The sixties also gave way to the supermodel, Twiggy (at this point only 17) was seen as the face of the decade. A year after her first photo shoot she had featured on 13 international covers of Vogue. She was the first model to be shot wearing a Mini Skirt, it appeared on the cover of Vogue and changed the face of fashion forever.